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The felucian birds.

An avian native to the planet of Felucia, this creature had a bulbous body and translucent, pale skin.

One of these avians took flight in front of Jedi Knight Aayla Secura during her reconnaissance en route to Niango. Secura was distracted by the movement, and was thus unable to defend herself when Commander Bly and his troops opened fire, cutting her down in accordance with Order 66.

A Felucian bird which distracts Aayla before her death

Behind the scenes[]

Since the CGI model for this creature was created using the existing peko peko model, and filling it with the same blue substance in the body of a gelagrub, Star Wars Insider refers to this species as the "gummy peko peko," but this is probably just a production nickname and not necessarily an in-universe name.



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