The Felucian ripper, or Flying ripper was a dangerous creature native to the jungle world of Felucia. The ripper was a large predator that hunted in the jungle canopy, although it dwelt in shallow rivers and creeks. It had a wide body and large mouth filled with jagged, scissor-like teeth. It could hide in even the shallowest waters and could leap out of the water to attack, provided that its movement ended back underwater. When hunting, rippers would fly low over the canopy, circling their prey, before swooping down to snap at the prey's head.[1]

Galen Marek encountered several such creatures during his second visit to Felucia, when the balance of the Force on the planet had shifted to the dark side.[1]

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Felucian rippers appear to be inspired by Rajiformes, otherwise known as rays, but with aggressive predatory behavior and the additional ability of limited flight.



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