Femon was a faithful assistant to Kueller, a fallen student to the dark side of the Force.


Femon's family was killed in the crossfire when the Eye of Palpatine came to Almania as they tried to save others being lured to the dreadnaught.

She had long black hair, an unnaturally pale complexion, dark blue eyes, and blood red lips. She withdrew her support from Kueller when she discovered that he had the same weakness as the New Republic, in that he was unwilling to move to rule with an iron fist and crush his opponents when necessary. Kueller broke her neck with the Force.

She was known to have a death mask collection. She was also known to have her face covered with makeup, designed to look like a less-permanent death mask. She scrubbed it off to show Kueller that she was taking control, and the Dark Jedi killed her by Force-choking her and snapping her neck.



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