Fenig Nabon, called "Fen" by friends, was a Human female smuggler and part-time con-artist, likely hailing from Corellia. Nabon's partner was a Coruscanti woman named Ghitsa Dogder, and together they owned a ship called the Star Lady.


Born on Corellia, Fen was adopted by the compassionate smuggler Jett Nabon who found her living in the streets of Coronet making her living as a pickpocket. He took her under his wing and taught her the trade of smuggling. Before she was fifteen, she had been to Mos Eisley on several occasions.

In 8 ABY, Nabon and Dogder teamed up with the Mistryls Shada D'ukal and Dunc T'racen to deliver a troupe of Twi'lek female dancers from the Shak Clan on Ryloth to Durga the Hutt on Nal Hutta. Along the way they ran into the Karazak Slavers Cooperative in the Naps Fral cluster. During this time Ghitsa speculated that Fenig nursed a secret crush for fellow Corellian and former smuggler Han Solo, even going so far as to suggest why the Star Lady had a Wookiee-sized bed on board.

Fenig often regretted having taken on such a partner, but when Dogder was abducted sometime around 12 ABY while the pair were on the planet Prishardia by Hutt operatives seeking information she might have about a rival Hutt's operations, Nabon was able to rescue her with the aid of the self-exiled Jedi Kyp Durron who, in the aftermath of his destruction of the Carida system, was going by the alias of Zeth Fost.

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