Fenson was a Human male Rendili native who worked for the Galactic Empire as an Imperial Navy trooper and was skilled at close-quarters combat. He worked with Trooper Vesden during the Battle of Endor. When the Endor strike team led by Han Solo broke into the shield generator bunker moments prior to the Battle of Endor, Major Hewex and his men were temporarily taken captive, including Fenson and Vesden. Eventually, reinforcements arrived and Hewex and his men were out of captivity. During the end of the forest battle, Fenson was taken captive by the Rebellion prior to the bunker's destruction.[1][2]

Behind the scenes[]

Fenson first appeared as an unnamed Imperial navy trooper in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. Although uncredited, he was portrayed by English actor Peter Allen.[3][4]



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