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"Feral, try not to draw attention to yourself."
"That won't be a problem for me, Savage."
Savage Opress attempts to keep his brother, Feral, out of trouble[src]

Feral was a male Dathomirian Zabrak Nightbrother. He was the son of Kycina and the brother of both Savage Opress and Darth Maul. He was among those chosen by Nightsister Asajj Ventress to compete for the honor of being her chosen champion to aid in her campaign of vengeance against her former master, Darth Tyranus.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Feral's death at the hands of his brother

With his brother's help, Feral survived the tests, but at Savage's request, was spared after failing in the final challenge. Shortly after Savage was taken by Asajj Ventress, Feral was taken prisoner by the Nightsisters, and brought before his brother, who had been transformed by the Nightsister's magic. Although Feral tried desperately to appeal to Savage's love for him, the mutated Nightbrother's mind had been twisted by the Nightsister's spells, and, disgusted by Feral's weakness, paid no heed. Finally, at Ventress' command and with only a moment's hesitation, Savage snatched Feral up and used his newfound strength to break Feral's neck, murdering his brother and passing his final test.

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