Ferece was a man, who once served as the King of the Kingdom of Cron.


When the pirate Xer began rapid expansion of the Kingdom of Argai within the Kingdom of Cron, Ferece summoned Xer to Chandaar, the capital of Cron. Ferece tried to persuade Xer give an oath of fealty, in return for a number of noble titles, and Xer promised to return in a month with a suitable tribute. However, Xer instead led an attack on Chandaar, causing Ferece and his courtiers to flee. In the absence of Ferece, Xer installed himself as the new king of Cron. Circa 25,130 BBY, near the end of Xer's reign, the Kingdom of Cron was divided in three provinces, very similar to the three future Imperial sectors, which one of them was the original Kingdom of Cron. After that Xim killed King Ferece and recovered the crown of Cron.


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