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"Junction...?! We know that place! Since the Imperial blockade... it's one of Yavin Base's chief source of supplies."
―Luke Skywalker[src]

Feriae Junction (often simply called "Junction"), not to be confused with Junction V, was a tradeworld at the nexus of the Hydian Way, the Thesme Trace, and the Gordian Reach.


A Hutt-controlled company was located on the world and maintained an account for transferring money from the shipping magnat Brevis Taug to the Zygerrian Thanda clan.

Junction was located within Separatist space during the Clone Wars.[2]

During a boom in demand for Corusca gems from Yavin 4, Junction flourished briefly before the tourist industry sputtered out. It was the running point for Rebel Alliance members fleeing the Battle of Yavin.

C-3PO saved Luke Skywalker from being killed by Beilert Valance on this planet.

After the Battle of Endor, Feriae Junction was integrated in Grand Admiral Zsinj's Empire. After his death in the Battle of Dathomir, Admiral Rogriss of the Galactic Empire and High Admiral Teradoc of the Greater Maldrood moved into Zsinj's former territory to capture what they could. Rogriss was beaten by Warlord Teradoc at Junction for the control of the Gordian Reach.[2]

Admiral Rogriss took advantage of the New Republic campaign against Teradoc and its defeat at Centares to reintegrate a part of the Greater Maldrood in the Empire, including Feriae Junction.[2]



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