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A fern was a type of plant.[1] Types of fern included amber ferns,[13] Blood Razor ferns,[19] bull-ferns,[10] climbing ferns, feather ferns,[17] glass-ferns,[9] Jovarian sun ferns,[11] kata-wata,[20] razor ferns,[1] shag ferns,[21] singing ferns,[4] splinter ferns, and tentacle ferns.[15] At least one type of ferns was violet in color.[2]

Ferns and lichens were the dominant form of vegetation in the mediocre soil of the Deep Core planet Byss.[3] Ferns even grew on the surface of the toxic, garbage-covered planet of Raxus Prime.[16]

Fern-trees, plants found on the planet Duroon, were similar to ferns.[6] Ferns shared their name with crystal ferns, possibly silicon-based crystalline life-forms,[22] and fern bickers, a species of bipedal creature living on the planet Kashyyyk.[23]

Besides growing in wilderness,[14] ferns were also grown in-doors, such as in Administrator Senior Lob Doluff's office on the asteroid Oseon 6845[24] and in gardens on Ithorian Herdships.[25]

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One namesake of the fern, the fern potato, was mentioned in the 1993 book Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas, a publication that combines creature designs and photographs from various projects of George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars franchise, with original text by Bob Carrau.[26] Lucasfilm employee Leland Chee, who maintains the Holocron continuity database, has indicated that information contained in the book is non-canonical[27] with respect to the Star Wars Legends continuity.[28]

Monsters and Aliens from George LucasEdit

A fern potato was a cooking ingredient that could be used in preparing a dish out of the creature known as Smapp. One recipe listed 45 fern potatoes among its required ingredients.[26]


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