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"I get the feeling that the Empire doesn't look kindly upon those who leave. And my training officer is big and mean. I don't think I could handle telling her I want out."
―Fern Yarrow[src]

Fern Yarrow was a male Human pilot in the Imperial Navy. He was the brother of Kess and Rane.

Biography[edit | edit source]

After Fern's and Kess' older brother Rane had become a pilot, both dreamed of becoming pilots too. Unlike Rane, they decided to join the military in order to receive piloting training. However, the two did not check with one another before joining and while Fern enlisted in the Empire, Kess decided to join the Rebel Alliance. When they realized that they suddenly belonged to opposing factions, both were surprised and disappointed. Fern didn't always get along with Kess, but neither wanted to fight against his own brother in this war.

He tried to persuade Kess to join the Empire, but Kess was unsure as he didn't like how the Empire treated its pilots. Fern himself had considered leaving the Empire, but was unsure about the consequences. And so the arguments between the brothers continued.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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