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"... How do you always manage to distract me before you pick me clean?"
"Because I'm very good at what I do."
―Ezra and Ferpil discuss pick-pocketing[src]

Ferpil Wallaway was a male Xexto pawnshop owner and pickpocket who operated on the planet Lothal. He was the mentor of Ezra Bridger, a young thief and street urchin. He was selling tickets for "Gladiator Night", an illegal event hosted by "The Commissioner". He was later shot in his shop by Lieutenant Jenkes, who was really "The Commissioner", who had come for his share of the credits. Moments later, he was found dying by Ezra and the bounty hunter Bossk, to whom he told the identity of "The Commissioner". He passed away in Bridger's arms.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"The man [Lieutenant Jenkes] who shot you. Is he the Commissioner?"
"Yes. Never saw him before. But he told me ... he's the Commissioner. He came for his credits. He ... he didn't have to...'"
―Ezra's last moments with Ferpil Wallaway[src]

Ferpil Wallaway was a male Xexto pawnshop owner and pickpocket who lived in Lothal's Capital City during the reign of the Galactic Empire. He owned a pawn shop, which lay opposite the abandoned Go-Lothal Hotel. Due to his line of work, he had dealings with several criminal elements. Several years before the Battle of Yavin, Ferpil worked for a mysterious criminal known as "The Commissioner", who was actually a corrupt Imperial Security Bureau official named Lieutenant Jenkes. Ferpil gave a share of the credits he made from pick-pocketing and selling tickets for "Gladiator Night", an illegal fighting event held at Monad Outpost. To help his pick-pocketing and ticket-selling business, Ferpil also hired the services of Ezra Bridger, an orphaned human youth who lived on the streets of Capital City.[1]

Prior to Gladiator Night, Ferpil sent Ezra to sell tickets for that event at Capital City's spaceport. Ezra managed to sell the tickets to a Chagrian tourist and his Twi'lek companions but also took the opportunity to steal his Imperial pin, a jewelled ring, wrist comm, and most of the contents from his money pouch. Shortly later, Ezra spotted Ferpil among the crowds and reported that he had managed to sell five more tickets. Ferpil commended his employee but warned him to keep a watch for Imperial spies and warned him not to get caught pick-pocketing. While Ezra was distracted, Ferpil collected Ezra's rag-bundled credits which he had managed to steal from the Chagrian tourist.[1]

Ferpil then informed Ezra that the credit chips went to the Commissioner and promised Ezra that he would receive his share after the Gladiator Night fight. The Xexto then discreetly handed back the remaining valuables to Ezra and told him to bring them and the datapad back to his shop later where he would pay Ezra. When Ezra asked about theidentity of the Commissioner, Ferpil confessed that he was ignorant of the matter. While talking, Ezra took advantage of Ferpil's distraction to "borrow" his chronometer. Before leaving, he asked Ferpil whether he still needed his chronometer. Ferpil praised Ezra's pick-pocketing skills before recollecting his chronometer. Before departing, he bid Ezra farewell and returned to his shop.[1]

Shortly later, Ezra Bridger was caught in an adventure with the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk, who had visited Lothal to collect a bounty on the Dug fugitive Gronson Takkaro. However, Takkaro was an old friend of Jenkes, who conspired to kill Bossk and his local guide. After his stormtroopers failed to eliminate Bossk and Ezra, Jenkes viewed several holocam records and quickly discovered that Ezra was working for Ferpil. To hide his criminal dealings, Jenkes decided to kill Ferpil as well and ordered his RA-7 protocol droid to bring an armored landspeeder.[1]

Jenkes drove to Ferpil's Pawn Shop and informed Ferpil that he was the Commissioner. After demanding that the Xexto hand over his credits, he shot Ferpil in the chest with his blaster. By the time Ezra and Bossk had arrived, Ferpil was dying with two of his six arms bent under his body. Before his death, Ezra managed to talk with Ferpil and learned that Jenkes was the Commissioner and had come for his credits. While Ezra was initially angry with Bossk for waiting in their landspeeder, Bossk told Ezra that Jenkes would have killed them as well if they had tried to intervene. After taking Ferpil's ammo packs, the two drove to Monad Outpost to stop Jenkes. Following a struggle, they managed to expose Jenkes' illegal activities to the Imperial authorities, who had the corrupt lieutenant executed.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"... You'll [Ezra Bridger] receive your share after the fight. Bring this stuff and the datapad to my shop later, and I'll pay you what I can."
―Ferpil was a thief but was still an honorable employer[src]

As a Xexto, Ferpil Wallaway had a small head with large dark eyes, a long, skinny neck, and six arms. He used the lower pair as a set of legs. He was a skilled pick-pocket who taught his skills to Ezra Bridger, a young human street urchin. Ferpil also had a good sense of humor and was a fair-minded employer who promised to pay Ezra for his share of work. Ferpil also had little interest in finding out the identity of his boss, the "Commissioner" and only cared that he paid on time.[1]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Ferpil Wallaway owned a datapad and wore an inexpensive chronometer around his waist.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Ferpil Wallaway was first introduced as a minor character in Ryder Windham's junior novel Ezra's Gamble, which was a tie-in book produced in conjunction with the new Star Wars Rebels television series. While a Xexto, Ferpil bears a striking resemblance to a Quermian,[2] which were genetically modified Xexto in the non-canon Star Wars Legends universe.

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