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"Don't tell me you have a phobia about fertilizer, too."
"I'm gonna have one by the time I get off this ship.
Kidi Aleri and Lokmarcha, aboard the Mellcrawler[src]

Fertilizer was a substance used to induce artificial growth in crops and other vegetation. Blue-algae and shaak scat was used to fertilize fields on Naboo.[1] During the Imperial Era, the rebel sympathizer Merei Spanjaf considered stealing the identity of the daughter of a local swoop jockey from beyond the Westhills who had invested his winnings into a fertilizer company in order to infiltrate the Transportation Ministry's headquarters on Lothal and plant snoopers.[2] According to Rebel pilot Nien Nunb, fertilizer was valuable.[3] The Sullustan once bought many barrels of concentrated fertilizer on Jaresh and loaded them onto his personal starship, the Mellcrawler, intending to sell the fertilizer on Sullust and make an enormous profit.[4]


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