"What's going on here?"
"I don't know—okay, who's got someone mad at them? Raise your hands." [All the crew members present raise their hands.]
―A freighter's captain and another crew member, upon being ambushed by bounty hunters on Fether[2]

Fether was a farming world located on the Solenbaran Merchant Route hyperlane, in the Outer Rim Territories' Corporate Sector. The planet hosted a population of sentient Ocsin and was the site of a small spaceport town.

During the Galactic Civil War, a group of bounty hunters ambushed the crew of a freighter in the streets of the town due to the starship's captain owing money to the bounty hunters' employer. The crew was subsequently chased to its ship and then left Fether.


Fether was a terrestrial planet[2] located in the Fether system, a part of the Outer Rim Territories' Corporate Sector. The hyperlane known as the Solenbaran Merchant Route linked the planet to the Deltooine and Ocsin systems,[1] and the Issagra system lay at a distance of twelve hours of hyperspace travel away from Fether.[2]


Bounty hunter: "Okay, you slimy smuggler. You can come out now. We've been sent to get the money you owe on the ship."
Freighter's crew member: "Bounty hunters—we've got bounty hunters after us?"
Another crew member: "How many payments have you missed on your ship?"
Freighter's captain: "A… few."
―A freighter's crew learns why it is being attacked on Fether[2]

At some point during the Galactic Civil War, a freighter delivered a shipment of Gervi fruit to Fether. Following the delivery, the freighter's crew wandered through the streets of a local town. When the crew members were in the center of the town, about a block away from their starship, a group of bounty hunters ambushed them, opening blasterfire on them. The hunters had been hired by a loanshark to capture the freighter's smuggler captain and the rest of the crew due to the captain having missed out on loan payments for the ship.[2]

The bounty hunters proceeded to chase the freighter's crew through the streets of the town. During the battle, the local police arrived at the scene of the fighting. In addition, one of the crew members rescued a small child who had wandered into the street from getting accidentally injured, and the crew also evaded a vehicle that had veered out of control as a result of being hit by a stray blaster bolt. Eventually, the freighter's crew reached its ship and left the planet, engaging the bounty hunters' modified light freighter, the Heroc's Slayer, before leaving for the Issagra system.[2]


A minor,[1] isolated[2] farming world, Fether was home to a substantial population of immigrated sentient Ocsin.[1]


A small farm town that featured a spaceport was located on Fether. The town's streets were dusty and filled with crates as well as repulsorlift vehicles, such as landspeeders and speeder bikes.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Fether was introduced in "Money Troubles," a roleplaying game adventure designed for use with West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game and included in the second edition of the game's rulebook. The book was authored by Bill Smith and published in 1992. This article assumes the adventure plays out as described.[2] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed Fether in grid square S-3.[1]

Despite the adventure being set during the reign of the New Republic,[2] the entry for the Heroc's Slayer in the 2008 The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia erroneously claims that the group of individuals the freighter pursued to the Issagra system,[3] as depicted in "Money Troubles,"[2] was affiliated with the Rebel Alliance,[3] the predecessor of the New Republic.[4]



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