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"I'm the Journeyman Protector here...I'm the law."
―Constable Fett[src]

Fett served as Journeyman Protector of Concord Dawn after the exile of former Protector Jaster Mereel. He was a descendant of Cassus Fett, and was the father of Jango and Arla Fett.


Fett was a farmer by trade and owned a homestead on Concord Dawn. He married and had at least two children, Jango and Arla. In 58 BBY, he hid Mandalore Jaster Mereel and his Supercommandos from the Death Watch, but was killed for it, along with his wife, during the Battle of Concord Dawn. Jango survived the battle and was taken in by Mereel, while Arla was forced to serve the Death Watch, but eventually escaped and was put in a mental institution on Coruscant until 19 BBY.