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"Jabba ruled with fear. I intend to rule with respect."
―Boba Fett[2]

The Fett gotra was a crime family on the desert planet Tatooine under the rule of the Daimyo Boba Fett during the New Republic Era. Residing in a palace in Mos Espa on the fringes of the Northern Dune Sea and claimed nominal authority over Tatooine as its territory.

Fett's reign began as a crime lord around the year 9 ABY when he killed Bib Fortuna, former majordomo to the late Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure. In the aftermath of Fortuna's death, having taken the title of Daimyo, Fett laid claim to Jabba's territory and endeavored to rule the city of Mos Espa. Fett at first pursed an expansionist policy that aimed to absorb the holdings of the late Jabba, before being joined by criminal groups such as the Aqualish, Klatoonian and Trandoshan families, and as well as vassals and tributaries and also receiving tributes from the Worker's District-based merchant Lortha Peel and the Sanctuary cantina owner Garsa Fwip.

Fett's hold on power was challenged by the arrival of Jabba's relatives, the Twins of Nal Hutta, and the Pyke Syndicate from Oba Diah. Mayor Mok Shaiz joined the Pykes in spite of Fett's efforts to vassalize the Mayor of Mos Espa.


Leadership, vassals, and servants[]

"Jabba the Hutt once sat upon that throne. His reign ended in a ball of fire on the Dune Sea and then Bib Fortuna took his place. You were all once captains under the Hutt. But you quickly left the family when Fortuna claimed to be the heir. He was a terrible leader with no right to the throne. Oh, you each tried to take his place, but were thwarted by his guile and treachery. It took this man, Boba Fett, to remove him. You all accrued wealth and riches under Jabba the Hutt. You can again, if you listen to Boba Fett."
―Fennec Shand, to Jabba's former captains[3]

Boba Fett founded his own criminal empire after becoming the new Daimyo of Mos Espa.

Boba Fett assumed the title of Daimyo with the legitimacy of his reign in question. Fett asserted that the throne of his former employer, the Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure, had been usurped by his majordomo Bib Fortuna. By killing Fortuna, Fett laid claim to Jabba's possessions,[6] including the criminal empire that Jabba built on Tatooine. Fennec Shand served as Lord Fett's second-in-command, with the title of Master Assassin. Additionally, Fett was served by two Gamorrean Warriors, the 8D-series smelter droid 8D8, and other droids including multiple dressing droids,[2] an astromech droid,[4] an LEP-series service droid used as a Rat Catcher and UK2-B. Krrsantan joined the gotra after a bar fight in the Sanctuary,[3] as well as a rancor keeper.[4]

Fett's vassals included Don Garfalaquox of the Aqualish crime family in the Worker's District, Dokk Strassi of the Trandoshan family in the city center, and Madam Garsa Fwip and her cantina, the Sanctuary.[2] Fett also claimed nominal authority over the Mayor of Mos Espa, telling Mayor Mok Shaiz that he served the Daimyo, to which the mayor agreed.[6] Despite that, Mayor Shaiz was secretly working with the Pyke Syndicate. A street gang on Mos Espa, the Mods, was incorporated into the gotra when Boba Fett offered them work.[4]


"Your cousin Jabba is dead. His cowardly Majordomo usurped his territory and then I killed him. All that is his belongs to me now."
―Boba Fett, to the Twins[6]

Daimyo Fett claimed the city of Mos Espa as his domain.

As a crime lord, Fett had his base of operations in Jabba's former palace[2] on the fringes of the Northern Dune Sea[7] in Mos Espa. From there he began expanding his gotra by exerting influence over the leading citizens of Tatooine. He maintained the system of patronage that the locals were accustomed to, receiving gifts of tribute from those who recognized Fett as their new patron. He also pursued an expansionist policy that aimed to absorb the holdings of the late Jabba. To this end, Fett planned to bring Jabba's many vassals under his sphere of control, and thereby preserve his predecessor's vast empire.[2]

Other assets[]

"I thought they were bred just to fight."
"They're powerful fighters, so that is what most know. But they can form strong bonds with their owners."
―Boba Fett and the rancor keeper[4]

Boba Fett's organization possessed a rancor, as well as a large reserve of credits. The rancor was a calf bred from champions for the purpose of fighting. Fett kept the rancor in the animal pens beneath the throne room of his palace. Although Fett was its owner, the rancor's training was personally overseen by its keeper.[3]



"You wanna head a gotra?"
―Fennec Shand, to Boba Fett[3]

Fett was originally a bounty hunter who served Jabba Desilijic Tiure, the Hutt crime lord who controlled Tatooine.

Several centuries before the Galactic Civil War, Jabba Desilijic Tiure rose to be a crime lord and based his criminal empire out of his palace in the Northern Dune Sea of the desert world Tatooine, from where he spread his operations and influence across the Outer Rim Territories,[7] earning great wealth and riches out of various criminal activities such as smuggling and slave trading.[8] Jabba was one of the leaders of the Hutt Clan,[9] and came to run the Hutt clans solely after their ruling council was eliminated by the Galactic Empire.[10]

Following Jabba's death,[11] an enormous power vacuum occurred[12] and his empire became vulnerable.[13] The Hutts attempted settle a debate over the matter of his will and who would take reins of his criminal empire. Several months after however, a decision had yet to be made.[14] Jabba's former majordomo,[11] Bib Fortuna, returned to his palace and took over his operations[15] as a crime lord.[16]

Fett became disillusioned with his past as a bounty hunter after he spent time with a Tusken Raider tribe, from where he envisioned his ideals for an eventual gotra.

The ex-bounty hunter Boba Fett developed notions of running his own crime family following his escape from the Great Pit of Carkoon. Disillusioned with his past as a mercenary, he resolved to never serve those whom he regarded as idiots[3] and "scugholes,"[4] believing that their decisions would eventually lead to his death. Furthermore, the time that Fett spent with a tribe of Tusken Raiders convinced him of the limits of working alone. As such, Fett enlisted the aid of Fennec Shand, an assassin whom he saved and offered his loyalty in return for hers. Before he could pursue his plans of becoming a crime lord, Fett ventured to recover his armor.[3]

Having reclaimed his armor, Fett assisted the Mandalorian Din Djarin as he was indebted to him to ensure the foundling Grogu's safety. After acquiring Gideon's coordinates, Fett and the group used Slave I to pursue an Imperial shuttle carrying Doctor Pershing and aided in the rescue of Grogu from Moff Gideon's Imperial remnant.[17] around 9 ABY,[5]

In the years following Jabba's death, Fett and other self-proclaimed successors tried to claim his empire for themselves.

Fett and Shand returned to Tatooine. Upon their arrival, Shand stormed the palace, shooting every person inside except for Fortuna and his Twi'lek slave, which she freed. Fett entered the throne room after Shand had killed Fortuna's bodyguards. Fortuna greeted Fett, expressing his surprise to see the former bounty hunter despite the rumors of his demise. Fett's only response was to shoot Fortuna, killing the Twi'lek crime lord and taking his place on the throne with Shand by his side.[15]

Establishing influence[]

"Jabba had many vassals. We've got a lot of ground to cover if we are to keep his empire intact."
―Boba Fett, to Fennec Shand[2]

Fett began laying the foundations of his criminal empire by inviting Jabba's former vassals to offer tribute to their new Daimyo.

Following Fortuna's death, Fett assumed the reins of Jabba's old empire as the new Daimyo on Tatooine. Fett endeavored to consolidate Jabba's empire under his leadership as the new crime lord. To this end, he invited various local officials, including Don Garfalaquox, Dokk Strassi and the Mayor of Mos Espa, to the palace to pay tribute to the new Daimyo. Mayor Mok Shaiz declined Fett's invitation and sent his Twi'lek majordomo in his place. Shand requested Fett's permission to kill the mayor's representative, perceiving his presence in the mayor's stead as a sign of disrespect to the Daimyo. In addition, the majordomo had informed Fett that the mayor was expecting tribute from him. Fett allowed the majordomo to leave the palace despite Shand's request, noting his affiliation with the mayor.[2]

Unlike his predecessors, Fett abstained from coercion and displaying material wealth, preferring to rule through respect instead of fear or privilege. He also refused to torture prisoners, such as two Gamorrean warriors that were captured after Bib Fortuna's death. The Daimyo noted the guards' loyalty to their former employers, Jabba and Fortuna, and agreed to pardon them in return for their allegiance as his new bodyguards. This decision was seen as counterproductive to Fett's consolidation of power by his advisors, Fennec Shand and the droid 8D8, both of whom believed that their patron needed to project strength through fear in order to secure the loyalty of Tatooine's population.[2]

Fett's gotra expanded into Mos Espa, receiving payments of tribute from the Sanctuary and other establishments under his control.

In addition to receiving vassals at the palace, Fett collected tribute in person; accompanied by Shand and his new Gamorrean guards, he traveled into the city of Mos Espa to inspect the Sanctuary, a cantina that was originally controlled by Fortuna. The cantina's owner, Garsa Fwip, acknowledged Fett as the Sanctuary's new patron upon learning of Fortuna's death. Shortly afterward, Fett and Shand were ambushed outside of the cantina by assassins of the Order of the Night Wind. Fett survived the attack with the help of Shand and his guards, but was injured and taken back to the palace to recuperate in his bacta tank.[2]

Power struggle[]

"I don't care what your tablet says. This is Mos Espa and I am Daimyo here."
―Boba Fett, to the Twins[6]

The arrival of Jabba's cousins presented a challenge to Fett's reign as the Daimyo of Mos Espa.

Fett returned to Mos Espa after interrogating one of his would-be assassins, who confessed that the Order of the Night Wind had been hired by Mayor Mok Shaiz. However, the mayor denied the allegation and convinced Fett to investigate Garsa Fwip's cantina. Upon returning to the Sanctuary, Fett was confronted by the Twins—a brother and sister—who arrived on Tatooine to inherit the territory of their late cousin, Jabba the Hutt. Their attempt to claim Jabba's empire through kinship was opposed by Fett, who asserted his own claim as the Daimyo of Mos Espa. Neither party acquiesced to the other's demands; Fett refused to relinquish his title as a crime lord, and the Hutt siblings elected to remain on Tatooine instead of returning to Nal Hutta. In addition to the servants who carried the Hutts on a litter, they were supported by the Wookiee gladiator Krrsantan.[6]

The Daimyo was saved by his new recruits from Krrsantan, a Wookiee gladiator sent by the Twins to assassinate Fett.

Following the visit of Lortha Peel, a water-monger in the Worker's District, who had problems with a street gang of youths that had been stealing his inventory, Fett, Shand, and their Gamorrean bodyguards walked through the streets of Mos Espa where they found the gang. After a conversation, Fett recruited the street gang, known as the Mods, after Drash told him that there was no work. Despite Peel's arguments Fett partially repaid him for his troubles. Later, as Fett was undergoing a bacta treatment session, Krrsantan ambushed him in his bacta tank. Krrsantan failed, and was subdued by Fett's forces.[4]

The Twins approached Fett in the aftermath of Krrsantan's capture, and apologized for their efforts to have him killed. They also informed Fett of their intention to return to Nal Hutta, having learned that Mayor Mok Shaiz had already invited another criminal syndicate to take control of Jabba's empire.[4]

A rancor was given to Fett as a parting gift by the Twins, who returned to Nal Hutta following the arrival of the Pyke Syndicate.

In addition they gave a rancor as a parting gift to Fett, who offered to release Krrsantan into the Twins' custody if they renounced their claim on Jabba's legacy. The Twins rejected the Wookiee who had failed them, and merely advised Fett to leave Tatooine as well. Fett freed Krrsantan nonetheless, advising him as one former bounty hunter to another not to work for "scugholes."[4]

The buildup to war[]

The Pyke Syndicate[]

"These are just the first wave. They're going to war."
"Then we will be ready."
―Fennec Shand and Boba Fett[4]

The mayor's majordomo revealed to Fett that the Pyke Syndicate had designs on Jabba the Hutt's territory.

Despite his distrust of the Twins, Fett was willing to investigate their claim about Mok Shaiz. Accompanied by Shand and the Mods, Fett returned to the Mos Espa City Hall to confront the mayor, whose majordomo claimed that Shaiz was unavailable. By the time they discovered that the mayor was not in his office, the majordomo fled from the city hall in a landspeeder. A chase ensued through the streets of Mos Espa as the majordomo was followed by the Mods on speeder bikes. The majordomo ultimately crashed his landspeeder into a meiloorun fruit stand, preventing his escape. Cornered by Fett and his street gang, the Twi'lek steward confessed that the mayor had joined the Pyke Syndicate. Skad, a member of the Mods, reported to Fett that several Pykes disembarked from a starliner that arrived in the spaceport of Mos Espa. The Pyke Syndicate's presence on Tatooine convinced Fett and Shand that war was imminent.[4]

In addition to monitoring the Pykes,[4] the Mods were tasked with finding Mayor Shaiz. Fett also returned to the city of Mos Espa after completing his last bacta treatment. Convinced that the mayor's absence would create a power vacuum, Fett believed that his presence in the city was necessary,[3] having vowed to bring order to his territories.[4] He arrived at the Sanctuary in time to witness a bar brawl between Krrsantan and several Trandoshan patrons.[3] Discarded by the Twins[4] and consequently unemployed, Krrsantan accepted Fett's invitation to join his criminal empire.[3]

The gathering[]

"I am proposing that all the families of Mos Espa join in a defensive alliance until the Pyke Syndicate is vanquished."
"They have only challenged your territory. Why should we spill the blood of our ranks for a feud waged between you and the Pykes?"
―Boba Fett and the Klatooinian don[3]

Fett attempted to unite the crime families of Mos Espa in a defensive alliance against the Pyke Syndicate.

The next step in Fett's strategy was to create a defensive alliance with Mos Espa's crime families against the Pyke Syndicate. Fett and Shand therefore hosted a banquet in the palace, inviting several crime lords while Krrsantan and the Gamorrean guards provided security. The attendees were each a former captain in the criminal empire of Jabba Desilijic Tiure; after the Hutt's death, they rejected Bib Fortuna as a successor.[3]

Shand attempted to convince them to join Fett by appealing to their greed, but the captains were reluctant to become involved in a dispute between Fett and the Pykes, noting that only Fett's territory had been threatened. Despite Fett's insistence that the Pykes were draining Tatooine of its resources, the Trandoshans had profited through the inclusion of their territory in the Pyke Syndicate's spice trade. Additionally, the head of the Klatooinian family suggested that they could make their own claim on the title of Daimyo by killing Fett. However, the guests were startled by a roar from Fett's rancor, which resided beneath the throne room where the meeting was held.[3]

Although the crime lords ultimately rejected Fett's proposal of an alliance between the crime families of Mos Espa, they agreed to maintain a policy of neutrality in the conflict between Fett and the Syndicate. Even without the support of the other families, Fett continued his preparations for war. While he had an abundance of credits, his empire lacked reliable enforcers.[3]

Building an army[]

"This is the Mandalorian, Din Djarin. Thanks to him and Krrsantan, we now have experienced muscle to act as enforcers. The Mods have done a thorough job of surveying the streets, but we lack the numbers to cover our territory if an all-out war comes. We need foot soldiers."
―Fennec Shand[18]

Even with the help of Din Djarin and Krrsantan, Shand recognized the need for soldiers in order to protect Fett's territory.

When Din Djarin traveled to Mos Eisley to obtain his new starship from Peli Motto, Shand approached the Mandalorian apostate with credits in exchange for his support against Fett's enemies. Djarin decided that he would help Fett for free,[19] and thereby added another experienced enforcer to Fett's ranks in addition to Krrsantan. However, Shand noted in a briefing that their organization lacked the manpower to defend Fett's territory in the event of open war with the Syndicate.[18]

Given the need for soldiers, Djarin sought to recruit the population of the Mos Pelgo territories. He discussed the situation in Mos Espa with Cobb Vanth, the Marshal of Freetown, who opposed the Pyke Syndicate's activities on Tatooine. Following Djarin's departure from Freetown, Vanth was shot by the Pyke Syndicate's enforcer, Cad Bane. The Duros bounty hunter warned the people of Freetown against interfering in the Syndicate's business.[18]

War for Tatooine[]

In the aftermath of the showdown in Freetown, the Pyke Syndicate attacked the Sanctuary—one of the establishments in Mos Espa that was connected to Fett's gotra. A bomb within a camtono was delivered to the cantina by two agents of the Pyke Syndicate. The bomb detonated shortly after the Pykes left the establishment, resulting in a fiery explosion that destroyed the Sanctuary.[18] The next day Fett and Shand arrived in the bombed-out remains of the Sanctuary, Fett said that they are at war while Shand replied that it was inevitable. Soon Djarin arrived with news from Freetown, saying that Vanth was raising a garrison for them, unaware that Bane interfered. While planning of how they will regroup so they wait for the arrival of the Freetown citizens. Shand sent Krrsantan to the Mos Espa city center, the Mods, lead by Drash and Skad,to the Worker's District, and the Gammoreans to keep an eye on the Klatooinian family, at Mos Espa spaceport.[1]

While they were waiting, 8D8 informed him that he had a visitor. Fett walked out to confront him. The mysterious figure lifted his head to reveal himself to be Cad Bane, Fett's old mentor whom he had not heard from in almost 30 years. Bane informed Fett that he is negotiating on behalf of the Pykes. Fett told his old mentor that he would not negotiate with a cold blooded murderer, before Bane remarked that Fett held the same reputation. Fett warned Bane that the syndicate was outnumbered before Bane told him Cobb Vanth was dead, and his people wouldn't be coming to help. As Bane became more enraged at Fett, Djarin and Shand pointed their blasters at him. Bane informed them that he also had backup. Bane revealed to Fett that it was the head of the Pyke Syndicate who ordered the execution of his Tusken family. Shand stepped forward and reminded Boba that they needed to remain in control, and he shouldn't act on his emotions. Bane taunted Fett over how soft he had become, before leaving the trio under the watch of the Pyke enforcers.[1]

Suddenly, all three families betrayed Fett's enforcers, and before Fett had a chance to send support, the Aqualish ambushed the Mods, pinning them down to a corner. The Trandoshans attacked Krrsantan, no matter the Wookie's courage they were able to disarm him from his weapon and surrounded him. The Klatooinians attacked the two Gammorean guards, pushing them off a cliff. Fett ordered Shand to to help the Mods. Despite their heavy casualties Shand arrived in time to save them and ordered them to go to the Sanctuary. Meanwhile a group of Pyke guards, led by a Capo, arrived to negotiate with the Daimyo. Fett sent Shaiz's majordomo to negotiate with them, winning time for Fett to regroup. Meanwhile Fett and Djarin fought off against the Pykes. They defeated most of the troopers. Despite their advantage of their Mandalorian armor, they were knocked to the ground and shot at.[1]

Just in time, the people of Freetown, led by Taanti and Jo, arrived to save the pair, and fend off against the Syndicate. With extreme measures the Mods joined the fight as well. Krrsantan also returned, battling many Pykes with his blaster rifle and his brass knuckles. As Krrsantan ran for cover he got hit, and took multiple shots to the back. Fett ran out to save him. With the few of the Pykes retreating they cheered up for their victory, Djarin scaned two Scorpenek droids arriving and dogging fire on them. Fett ordered everyone to run, while Djarin distracted the droids with the Darksaber. Djarin was later joined by Peli Motto and Grogu who came to see him, as they were running from the Scorpenek droid. Meanwhile the Freetown citizens and members of Fett gotra were pinned down by one of the droids and a few Pyke guards. Jo and Drash went to the top off their building to distract the droid.[1]

Bane face Fett while he rode his rancor.

Fett returned at the last minute with his rancor to save Djarin's life. The rancor successfully defeated the two droids and defeated many of the enemy soldiers. Before Fett could finish of the Pykes, Bane returned. Fett's Rancor attacked Bane, before activating his flamethrower, harming the creature and knocking Fett off its back. As the rancor fled, Fett and Bane were left alone outside the streets of Mos Espa. Bane reminded Fett of his dark history as a bounty hunter, and told Fett it was in his blood and he couldn't run from his past. The pair had a showdown. Before Fett could even aim his weapon, Bane had shot him to the ground. Bane then took another shot and walked up to Fett, kicking him and ripping off his helmet. Bane raised his blaster and told Fett that his last lesson to him is that he should only look out for himself. As Bane prepared to fire upon Fett one last time, Fett swung at him with his gaderffii stick, knocking him away. Fett then knocked Bane to the ground, and, in a final blow, stabbed him in the chest with the stick's bladed end, taking out the infamous bounty hunter. He left Bane for dead on the sands of Tatooine once more.[1]

Fett's rancor went on a rampage in the city with the Freetowners and the Mods shoot at it. Djarin ordered them to stop firing at the rancor while he attempted to calm it. Right before the rancor could finish him Grogu appeared and used the Force to calm the beast. Back in Mos Eisley the Pyke-in-charge announced the Syndicate retreat from Tatooine, much to the frustration of the leaders of the crime families and Mayor Shaiz. Suddenly Shand arrived and killed all the leaders of the Pyke Syndicate, with last the leader of the Pykes and the corrupt Mayor of Mos Espa.[1]



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