"I been in this business for decades, Valance—there are no good guys."
―Fetya, to Beilert Valance[src]

Fetya was a Besalisk female arms dealer who ran the outpost Fetya's Hollow on Arvina. She worked for the crime syndicate known as the Hidden Hand.


Fetya founded Fetya's Hollow and began work as an arms dealer, operating in the business for decades. She took on a job with bounty hunter Beilert Valance, but the latter was shot down and captured during the mission, making Fetya flee empty-handed. She began working for the Hidden Hand crime syndicate at some point, supplying arms to the syndicate for nearly a year. During his hunt for Darth Vader, Valance visited Fetya's Hollow. Fetya aimed her gun at the cyborg but later greeted and hugged him. Valance requested sonic cannons from the Besalisk. Fetya agreed to supply the weapon, with the cost covered by the Hidden Hand. She stated that soon Valance and everyone else would be working for the syndicate, and that she had been supplying them for a while. While describing her last customer, she drew a symbol of the Rebellion. Valance asked if Fetya was a "good guy" now, but she replied stating there were no good guys in the business. Fetya and her associates pointed their guns at Valance and his crew. However, Valance allowed the Galactic Empire to track them there. The Empire destroyed Fetya's Hollow, and Darth Vader interrogated Fetya for information on other Hidden Hand outposts. Once he had enough information, Vader choked Fetya to death, planning to investigate the other outposts for himself.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Fetya claimed that there were no "good guys" in the arms dealing business, even though she supplied the Hidden Hand, who in turn supplied the Rebellion.[2]


Fetya carried two different models of blaster pistols with her, pulling them out when she cornered Valance and his crew.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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