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"Krennic, stop. It was me. It was me. They have nothing to do with it. Spare them."
―Galen Erso unsuccessfully attempts to stop Krennic from executing Vann and his colleagues[3]

Feyn Vann was a human male scientist who served as a leading researcher at Nordoxicon Unlimited, before working in the Galactic Empire's Tarkin Initiative as part of the Kyber crystal research team on Eadu.


"It's Director Krennic. An… an unplanned visit. He's never… His shuttle will be landing any minute now."
―Vann, informing Galen Erso of Director Krennic's imminent arrival[4]

A male human from Tri-Barr Station,[1] Feyn Vann embarked on a scientific career and ended up joining the Nordoxicon Unlimited company, where he worked as a lead researcher. Eventually, Vann was recruited into the Tarkin Initiative, a secret think tank within the Imperial Military Department of Advanced Weapons Research division of the Galactic Empire's Intelligence agency.[2] He and other brillant scientists were sequestered on the rainswept planet of Eadu, forming a team[5] tasked to research the fusing of Kyber crystal shards into larger ones, and the creation and redirection of a controlled chain reaction. The ultimate aim of their research was to power the superlaser of the Death Star, a moon-sized planet-killing battle station. Because his principal area of study was shield technology, Vann created a series of deflector arrays that redirected hypermatter streams from the superweapon's core reactor up to the crystalline firing array.[2] Vann was on amiable terms with Galen Walton Erso, leader of the research team, who called him "my friend."[4]

One day in 0 BBY, Vann received news that Orson Krennic, Director of the Imperial Military's Imperial Military Department of Advanced Weapons Research division, would be arriving at the Eadu Energy Conversion Laboratory for an unplanned visit. Because it was uncharacteristic of Krennic to do so, Vann worriedly informed Erso of the situation. In return, Erso tried to appease his friend and colleague's anxiety, and the entire team then headed to refinery's landing pad to greet Krennic.[4] The director then informed the scientists that a Rebel sympathizer was hiding within their ranks, and he ordered the traitor to step forward. No self-denunciation was made, however, and Krennic told his death troopers to open fire. Like the rest of the team—except for Erso—Vann was executed on the landing pad,[3] confirming his earlier fears.[4]

Personality and traits[]

Feyn Vann had hair that had turned gray, brown eyes, and light skin.[2]


Like the rest of the research team, Vann wore antiseptic coveralls whose top section altered color in the presence of dangerous contamination, and special grounded footwear designed to prevent potentially dangerous static charges. In a narrow pocket just below the right shoulder, he carried two code cylinders that gave him access to high-security laboratories.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Vann was portrayed by Paul Weston, usually a veteran stuntman.[6] Unlike the five other actors who played Imperial scientists of the kyber crystal research team, he was uncredited out of all actually six scientists shown in the film.[3]

In third issue of the six-part Marvel comic book miniseries adaptation of the movie, Vann was mistakenly portrayed as having blue eyes.[4]



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