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Fez Burba was a Human male seismologist working for the Galactic Republic during the Cold War with the reconstituted Sith Empire. He tasked a Republic spacer to take the seismic readings in the Works to prove his theory that Coruscant's core was damaged by an Imperial bombardment. The readings turned out to be false and Burba went on with his next project.[1] The work brought him to Tatooine, where he speculated of large bodies of water hidden deep beneath the surface. Unfortunately, his data was stolen in a Sand People raid and his droid assistants were unable to retrieve it. Burba was forced to ask the spacer for assistance once more.[2]

Later he was a special host in a show called Mysteries of Galactic Science quickly acquiring prominence. He also claimed that the shift of the planetary crust on Knores was the cause of extinction for an entire civilisation. His theory was investigated in the equatorial trench.[3]




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