Featuring a curved blade, the fi'lang was the traditional combat knife of the reptilian Trogodile species. In the first year of the Clone Wars, the Trogodile Swyy'm-Ee wielded a pair of fi'langs during a gladiatorial match in the Cauldron, a fighting arena on the planet Rattatak. However, Swyy'm-Ee was killed midway through the match by the Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress.


The fi'lang[2] was a curved-blade combat knife that was augmented with a pair of sharpened points: the first at the end of the blade, and the second on the inside of the blade's curve. However, the prominence and size of the spike inside of the blade's curve varied between fi'langs. The fi'lang could be wielded with one hand, allowing the user to handle a pair of the blades at the same time. The weapon's strapped hilt was brown, and its blade was white and light blue.[1]


Flalios Swyym-Ee

Swyy'm-Ee, wielding fi'langs, faces off against Flalios.

The fi'lang was the traditional weapon of the Trogodiles, a sentient reptilian species.[2] In 22 BBY, the first year of the Clone Wars,[3] the Trogodile Swyy'm-Ee was forced to compete in a gladiatorial match in the Cauldron, a large fighting pit located on the planet Rattatak.[2] During the match, Swyy'm-Ee brandished a pair of fi'langs, and at one point, he faced off against fellow gladiator Flalios. However, the Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress entered the match midway and dropped a large boulder on Swyy'm-Ee using her Force powers, killing the Trogodile.[1]

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The fi'lang first appeared, albeit unnamed, in the sixth chapter of the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated television series, appearing as Swyy'm-Ee's choice of weapon in the chapter's gladiatorial fighting scene. The episode originally aired on Cartoon Network on November 14, 2003.[1] The weapon was later identified as the fi'lang in the Ultimate Sticker Book: Star Wars: Clone Wars, published on September 6, 2004.[2]



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