"Sir, with all due respect, that's not good."
―Fiav Fenn[src]

Colonel Fiav Fenn was a female Sullustan Galactic Alliance navy officer, as of 40 ABY. The young Sullustan served onboard what many would see as a prestigious position—onboard the first Galactic-class battle carrier of its class, the Dodonna. Fenn served as an aide to Admiral Matric Klauskin, and the ship was assigned as part of the Second Fleet force designed to bring Corellia to heel during the Second Galactic Civil War.

During the insurrection she became increasingly exasperated at the Admiral's childish behavior, sporadic loss of thought processes and lack of improvisation at crucial moments. She questioned Klauskin's decisions, such as his command to invade Tralus and constant mutterings, which quite possibly could be due to the interference of the Sith.

Fenn was the one who later reported Klauskin talking to himself and seeing visions in the corridors of the Dodonna. The matter would reach the desks of Gilad Pellaeon and Cha Niathal, and thus Klauskin was replaced by Tarla Limpan as head of the force in the Corellian system—which had unfortunately dug a hole for itself at Tralus.



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