"They gave me a medal when we got back—the Field Achievement Award, the one they give all the field operatives who make it back from their first mission. I still have it. I threw it in a drawer and haven't looked at it since."
―Aurin Leith[src]

The Field Achievement Award was a medal given to Rebel Alliance operatives who survived their first mission during the Galactic Civil War. Alliance Doctor Aurin Leith received the Field Achievement Award sometime during the war after the completion of her first field operation, a rescue mission to an Imperial detention center. However, during the mission, Leith killed an Imperial stormtrooper, and she subsequently kept her Field Achievement Award hidden in her drawer, not wanting to be reminded that she took the life of another sentient.


The Field Achievement Award was a medal bestowed upon all Alliance to Restore the Republic field operatives who survived their first mission during the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire.[1]

Notable recipientsEdit

Aurin Leith AJ10

Aurin Leith, recipient of the Field Achievement Award

Aurin LeithEdit

Aurin Leith was a hospital ship doctor in the Alliance Army. Sometime during the Galactic Civil War, Leith was temporarily detached from her assignment to serve as a medic for a commando team during a mission to rescue a captured Alliance leader held in an Imperial detention center. Although the mission was a success, Leith was forced to kill an enemy stormtrooper during the team's escape from the prison. Leith—having made a medical oath to never harm a fellow sentient—was deeply disturbed that she killed another being, even if it had been an enemy combatant. Following the completion of the mission, Leith was given the Field Achievement Award for surviving her first field operation. However, Leith regarded her medal as a reminder that she took another being's life and, as a result, kept it hidden in her drawer, never to look at the award again.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Field Achievement Award has only been mentioned in the short story Do No Harm, written by Erin Endom and published in the Star Wars Adventure Journal 10 on May 1, 1996. Do No Harm was later reprinted in the anthology book Tales from the Empire, released on November 3, 1997.


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