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Field Commander

Imperial and Rebel Field Commanders.

Pivotal to any ground campaign, field commanders improved the morale and tactical abilities of all ground units under their command. The rank was also used by the Yuuzhan Vong warrior caste.

Culled from the best recruits in the galaxy, field commanders were trained at one of the Imperial military academies located throughout the Core Worlds. They were often only lightly armored, with a helmet and vest for protection.


One Imperial field commander was sent in to Thyferra to find the rogue Moff Kalast. Due to the officer's incompetence at ensuring a stealthy landing, however, Kalast escaped. As punishment for his failure, Darth Vader executed the commander.

At least seventeen more Imperial commanders were present during the demonstration of the AT-AT by Colonel Maximilian Veers. As a result of an invasion by Rebel forces, the commanders engaged in combat.

Another was in charge of the defense of a Tibanna gas refinery during a raid. Due to his failure to defeat the invaders, however, he was executed by Darth Vader.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the game, Star Wars: Empire at War, field commanders increase the health and sight range of all nearby units. This could be explained as the presence of the commander increasing morale.



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