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Field Marshal Gorse Bendak

"We're still landing troops for the lower city, we need the lanes clear! Cassus Fett's orders!"
―Anonymous Neo-Crusader[1]

Neo-Crusader Field Marshal,[2] also known simply as Marshal[3] was the third rank of the Neo-Crusader movement, and the highest apart from the Mandalore.[3]

Wearing the golden suit of Neo-Crusader armor, they were easily recognized on the battlefield. Marshals commanded everything from entire sectors to a specific flank in the midst of a given battle, depending on the need and position of another Marshal. Despite their command role, they were expected to engage in combat just as any other warrior.[3]



Field Marshal Pulsipher

In the early days of the Neo-Crusader movement, the position of Marshal was reserved for Mandalore's advisors. Cassus Fett, to show his support for the movement was amongst the first to give up his individualism and started wearing the golden suit of armor.[3] Many however refused to adopt the standardized look, such as the scientist Demagol, and the status symbol of the Marshals quickly diminished in value. Mandalore began to issue the position to members of his vanguard and soon to those who wished to differentiate from the Rally Masters, such as Demagol's aides.[3] Rewarding the suit soon became his preferred solution to various problems. Seeing the position devalued to the extreme, Cassus argued that the truly distinguished such as himself should again have a different suit to separate themselves from the generic Marshals.[3]

Because of this, the average Marshal, just like the average Neo-Crusader, diminished in quality when the numbers of Mandalorians grew. Near the end of the war, a Marshal issuing orders from safety became a common sight.[3]

During the Third Galactic War, the title was adopted by Heta Kol, who longed for the days of the Neo-Crusaders.[4]

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Mandalorian Neo-Crusader ranks have for long been known to be identified with the color of their armors, but it wasn't until the release of the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide that the rank was established to be Marshal.

In the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, the Mandalorians are portrayed as using some hierarchy, but it doesn't appear to be fixed. Kelborn, who wears crimson armor in the game is the highest ranking Mandalorian and Mandalore's right hand man while Bralor and Xarga, who both wear golden armor, don't hold high positions. It is known that Bralor fought in the Mandalorian Wars, and it's safe to assume that he once held the position of Marshal while the status of other warriors in the game is not known at this time.



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