"Fierce Currents" is a 20-page comic featured in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 1, written by Haden Blackman, art by the Fillbach Brothers, lettering by Michael David Thomas, and coloring by Sno Cone Studios, Ltd.. It takes place five months after the First Battle of Geonosis.


Jedi General Kit Fisto thought that he had destroyed the Quarren leadership when he destroyed the Crab cannon in the Battle of Mon Calamari. Brilliantly planned and highly organized attacks on the Mon Calamari supply lines have led him to believe that the Quarren he killed were not the only leaders in the conflict on Mon Calamari.

So he will not scare his prey away, General Fisto leaves his troops and goes out searching alone. Fisto single-handedly defeats five Quarren outposts, bewildering his opponents. They do not know what is destroying their outposts, because they have seen no Republic troop movements.

At the sixth outpost, General Fisto is able to get some valuable information from one of the Quarren there. They receive their orders in their minds, by some kind of telepathy. While he asks the Mon Calamari for more information, he gets attacked by the supposedly harmless Moappa. As they start communicating with him, he realizes that he has found the leadership.

His lightsaber does very little damage to the Moappa, so he begins to use the Force. Fisto realizes that the Moappa are only sentient when they form groups, and he separates them. The Moappa were fighting the Mon Calamari, because the Moappa were not recognized as citizens of their planet.

After he informs the Calamari of his discoveries, he tells them to use diplomacy to end the conflict with the Quarren, Mon Cal, and the Moappa.


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