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"I care not for your struggles. I will succeed where you and Kallus have failed."
―The Fifth Brother, to Admiral Kassius Konstantine[3]

Fifth Brother was a gray-skinned humanoid male Inquisitor of the Galactic Empire several years before the Battle of Yavin. On the orders of the Emperor, Darth Sidious, the Fifth Brother was dispatched by the Sith Lord Darth Vader to hunt the growing rebellion against the Empire. He later perished by the hands of former Sith Lord Maul on Malachor.


Fallen Jedi

"Who are they?"
"Inquisitors. Many were Jedi who turned to the dark side. Now, they hunt their own kind."
―Leia Organa and Obi-Wan Kenobi, upon seeing Fourth Sister and Fifth Brother[6]

The individual who became known as the Fifth Brother originally occupied a position within the Jedi Order and survived Order 66. At some point after the Galactic Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire, he was inducted into an Imperial agency of Force-sensitive assassins called the Inquisitorius, which was tasked with hunting down and eliminating any Jedi who survived Order 66. To accomplish this, he and his colleagues were trained by The Grand Inquisitor in the Inquisitorius Headquarters in The Works, but soon fell under the command of Darth Vader when Darth Sidious first demonstrated the Inquisitorius to Vader, who continued their training in the ways of the dark side of the Force.[5] During his training with Vader, he lost his right hand.[4]

Age of the Empire

Working with Darth Vader

"Any thoughts on how we approach this? This city's not exactly small. Lots of places to hide."
"Split up. We'll cover more ground. Stay in contact. Whoever finds them, bring in the others."
―The Twi'lek Inquisitor and the Fifth Brother, on finding Eeth Koth's child[7]

Darth Vader confronts the female Inquisitor in front of the Fifth Brother and the other Inquisitors

Following the Hunt on Chandar's Folly,[8] Darth Vader took a team of Inquisitors, including Fifth Brother, on a mission to locate Eeth Koth. When Vader and the Inquisitors arrived, they found Koth with his wife, who had just given birth. He was assigned, along with the other Inquisitors, to find the child. As they made it into the city, the Twi'lek Inquisitor asked how they would find the infant and the Fifth Brother suggested that they split. The three did so and the red-skinned found the child first. The Fifth Brother arrived soon after and was surprised to see that she had allowed Koth's wife to escape with the baby. However, after the Twi'lek Inquisitor too arrived, the red-skinned Inquisitor used the Force to pull the baby from her mother and over to her. They took it back to Vader and Koth saw the infant in their hands before he was struck down. The baby was made a part of Project Harvester and taken back to Coruscant with the Fifth Brother and the others.[7]

After the mission, the Fifth Brother reported the red-skinned Inquisitor's actions to Vader, who was already suspicious of her attachment to the Twi'lek Inquisitor. Vader deduced her to be a traitor[9] and when the Inquisitors were socialising around in a bar, Vader approached the assumed traitor and ignited his lightsaber, interrupting her conversation with the Twi'lek Inquisitor.[7] The Fifth Brother stood across the room behind the Grand Inquisitor, who asked Vader if this was a test or training exercise. Vader bluntly replied no and tried to kill the red-skinned Inquisitor, only to have his lightsaber blocked by the Twi'lek's. Vader confirmed his suspicions of them having a special attachment and threw the Twi'lek Inquisitor into the wall while the red-skinned Inquisitor got away. The Twi'lek Inquisitor then followed her and the Grand Inquisitor asked Vader if he needed the Inquisitors around to help. Vader told him he did not and made chase for the two rogue Inquisitors.[9]

Hunt for Kenobi

"Enough! If you remember anything, rewards will be given. Stand down, Third Sister. Now!"
―The Fifth Brother confronts the Third Sister[10]

In 9 BBY,[11] the Fifth Brother accompanied the Grand Inquisitor and the Third Sister to Tatooine as they hunted for Nari, a Jedi who had drawn attention to himself by assisting other beings. The Grand Inquisitor threatens the manager but Nari reveals himself when the Third Sister throws a knife at a man. Nari uses the Force to stop the knife and escapes from the Inquisitors.[10]

The Fifth Brother remained on the planet in order to hunt the fugitive Jedi. The Third Sister is rebuked by him when she threatens inhabitants after he promises them a reward for turning in Nari. She takes an interest in harming one man and threatens to kill him unless someone comes forward to reveal where the Jedi is. The Fifth Brother deescalates the situation when he pulls out a hologram reiterating a reward will be given for information on Nari. He orders that she stand down from her aggressive behavior. He again rebukes the Third Sister for her impulsiveness but she counters that Tatooine is beneath them.[10]

The Fifth Brother takes her aside and reproofs that the Grand Inquisitor was right about her obsession with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. He claims that Kenobi is gone but Reva insists the Inquisitorius have been looking in the wrong places. He questioned her on what she would have to gain from this and replies that she will be gain what is owed as she walks away. The Fifth Brother says that she has gone too far but the Third Sister proclaims she has not gone far enough. The duo then depart on the Scythe.[10]

The hunt begins

The Fifth Brother accompanies the Grand Inquisitor and Fourth Sister on Daiyu to confront Reva over kidnapping the princess of Alderaan, Leia Organa, to lure Kenobi. The Pau'an rebukes the Third Sister and accuses her of failure. He relieves her of her duties and orders the other two Inquisitors secure the city. After a bounty is placed on Kenobi by a rogue Reva, the Fifth Brother is ordered by the Grand Inquisitor to lead a garrison to continue locking down the city. He emphasizes that Kenobi's capture is essential given he is an exceptional target and an ember of a bygone era. The Fifth Brother continues to lead the stormtroopers but Kenobi manages to escape with Leia.[12]

Line of succession

The Grand Inquisitor is absent after being stabbed through the chest by the Third Sister. The Fifth Brother and Fourth Sister have a meeting in Fortress Inquisitorius over their next course of action in the hunt for Kenobi. Reva arrives and attempts to sit in her victim's seat but the Fifth Brother uses the Force to prevent her from doing so. He cites that as their superior's next in line, the title of Grand Inquisitor should go to him. Reva informs him that Darth Vader himself appointed her to lead the hunt for Kenobi. The Fifth Brother begrudgingly accepts her temporary relationship but declares he will get what he is owed, Reva responds that she will as well.[13]

Search on Mapuzo

The hunt brings Vader, the Fifth Brother, Fourth Sister, and Reva to Mapuzo after the latter's viper probe droids locate Kenobi. The Sith Lord and the Inquisitors cause chaos in the village where Kenobi and Leia are hiding.[13]

A new target

"Lord Vader has sent me in his place."
―The Fifth Brother[3]

The Fifth Brother was sent by Darth Vader to continue the Grand Inquisitor's hunt for the rebels in the Lothal system.

After the death of the Grand Inquisitor and after Vader hunted and broke a growing rebel fleet during the Siege of Lothal, Vader was ordered by Emperor Palpatine, to dispatch another Inquisitor to deal with the growing rebellion against the Empire. Vader soon sent the Fifth Brother to continue the work that he and the Grand Inquisitor had started.[3]

During the Imperial assault against the Lothal rebel cell on the planet Seelos, Admiral Kassius Konstantine was ordered to have his Star Destroyer rendezvous with a shuttle he was led to believe carried Lord Vader himself. In reality, however, it carried the Fifth Brother, who arrived aboard Konstantine's Star Destroyer to begin hunting the rebellion. Konstantine questioned why his vessel had to divert from Seelos to rendezvous with an Inquisitor, as the diversion may have compromised the assault that ISB Agent Kallus was leading on Seelos, but the Fifth Brother had no interest in the assault and pledged to stop the rebellion himself.[3]

Skirmish at the medical station

"I'm surprised to see you here."
"The kill is mine!"
"You are short sighted. We will use the boy as bait to draw in the others. Now find the girl!"
―The Fifth Brother clashes with the Seventh Sister[14]

The Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister clash aboard a Republic medical station while searching for the Spectres.

Later, he was present with both Kallus and Konstantine on the bridge of the Star Destroyer when a power surge at an abandoned Haven-class medical station was detected. Though Kallus dismissed it, the Fifth Brother quickly took command and immediately set out for the medical station, unaware that the Seventh Sister was already there and hunting the rebels. When Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren were fleeing the Seventh Sister, they were met by a grinning Fifth Brother who ignited his lightsaber threateningly. Ezra was captured helping Sabine to escape, with the Fifth Brother reaching him just as the latter fled. He attempted to kill the young Jedi with his lightsaber, only for the Sister to deflect it with her own blade. When the Fifth Brother protested, citing Bridger as his kill, the Sister derided him for short-sightedness and pointed out that the boy could be used to trap his friends.[14]

The Fifth Brother threatens Sabine Wren.

While the Seventh Sister interrogated Ezra, the Fifth Brother went to hunt down Sabine accompanied by two of the Sister's ID9 seeker droids. Hunting her through the corridors, he sensed the presence of Sabine and the Lasat Garazeb Orrelios who had prepared an ambush consisting of several thermal detonators planted in the corridor. Unfortunately, the Fifth Brother used the Force to lift the detonators and throw them at the rebels, knocking out Sabine in the process. Hefting the unconscious Mandalorian over his shoulder, the Brother told the two seeker droids to do as they wished with Orrelios; both droids were subsequently destroyed when the Lasat crushed them against boxes of medical supplies.[14]

The Brother returned to find that Ezra had delivered very little information, but at that moment they received a transmission from "Commander Meiloorun" asking if they needed help; the Brother forced the two to accept at lightsaber point and then proceeded to Bay Six where the rebels were to arrive. When they got there, they were ambushed by Orrelios in the Phantom; in the chaos, Ezra managed to recover his lightsaber and both boarded the shuttle. Both Inquisitors attempted to hold it in place with the Force, but the Brother was forced to break off to deflect blaster fire and the Sister was nearly dragged out into space when the shuttle burst free, leaving both Inquisitors fuming.[14]

Abducting children

"You would question me, Seventh Sister?"
"Only when you're wrong, Fifth Brother."
―The Fifth Brother pulls rank on the Seventh Sister[15]

Later, the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister boarded a passenger ship above the planet Chandel to seize a Force-sensitive infant named Alora. Despite the best efforts of Alora's grandmother Darja to stop them, the two Inquisitors managed to corner them and took Alora into custody. Prior to leaving the ship, the Brother killed all of the other passengers by throwing his double-bladed lightsaber at them. The Inquisitors' actions attracted the attention of the former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and the rebel crew of the Ghost. While Ahsoka traveled to Chandel, Ezra, his master Kanan Jarrus, Zeb, and Chopper traveled to the planet Takobo aboard the Phantom to investigate.[15]

Taking Alora with them, the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister traveled to Takobo to collect a Force-sensitive Ithorian infant named Pypey. After parking their TIE Advanced starfighters at a spaceport hangar bay in Hammertown, the two Inquisitors left a seeker droid to guard their ship and the baby. Together, they then visited Pypey's home and confronted her mother Oora. However, Oora had already sent her child away with a droid. Before leaving the house, the two Inquisitors accosted her and smashed the furniture in her home.[15]

While prowling the streets of Takobo, the two Inquisitors managed to intercept the droid. However, Pypey had already been picked up by Zeb. The Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister then pursued Zeb to a nearby apartment building. While the Brother used Pypey's fear to track the Jedi, the Sister sent one of her seeker droids to keep an eye outside. Shortly later, Ezra and Kanan entered the building to aid Zeb.[15]

Ezra's presence caused Pypey to cry since he could sense the boy's fear. Closing in on the rebels, the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister attempted to spike them out with their lightsabers. Bridger managed to temporarily mislead the Inquisitors by using a comlink to make a recording of Pypey's cries. The Fifth Brother fell for that ruse and was warned by the Seventh Sister to stop wasting their time. In the meantime, the rebels managed to escape the room and made a run for the stairs. To confuse the Inquisitors, the rebels split up; with Bridger and Pypey heading into the ventilation shafts while Kanan and Zeb held off the Inquisitors.[15]

Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister encounter Kanan and Zeb

Resuming their pursuit, the Fifth Brother sensed Ezra and Pypey's presence in the ventilation shaft above. He then used his lightsaber to spike holes in the ceilings in an attempt to flush out their quarry. Before the two Inquisitors could corner their prey, they were confronted by Kanan and Zeb. Zeb took on the Brother but was unable to match the Inquisitor's Force powers. Forced to retreat, Kanan and Zeb jumped out of the window and fled on a speeder. In response, the Inquisitors commandeered another speeder and continued the pursuit. Following another skirmish, the Inquisitors cornered their rebel foes outside the spaceport.[15]

The two Inquisitors quickly overpowered the three rebels. Before they could finish off their work, the spaceport doors opened to reveal Tano. While the other rebels retreated aboard the Phantom with Pypey, Ahsoka engaged the two Inquisitors in a lightsaber duel. Armed with two lightsabers, she engaged both Inquisitors for a few moments before effortlessly side-swiping the Fifth Brother's clumsy attack and throwing him against a pillar, knocking him out. The Seventh Sister put up a better fight, but was soon defeated as well. Before Ahsoka could finish the Sister, Imperial reinforcements arrived in the form of stormtroopers and a few Imperial Troop Transports. Though the Brother threw his lightsaber at her to try and prevent her escape, Ahsoka managed to dodge it and escaped with her rebel comrades and the babies aboard the Phantom. To add insult to injury, the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister discovered that the rebels had also destroyed their TIE Advanced fighters and taken Pypey. However, the Inquisitors were delighted to learn from one of the Sister's seeker droids that the rebels were hiding on the planet Garel.[15]

Raid on Garel

"Garel is a major port and under our control. Surely our garrison there would've spotted Rebel activity."
"You doubt my word, Admiral?"
"No Inquisitor, I merely look to the day when you produce results."
―Admiral Konstantine and the Fifth Brother[16]

The Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister come face-to-face with Ezra Bridger.

Following their skirmish with the rebels on Takabo, the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister joined forces with Kallus and Konstantine to attack the rebel presence on Garel. The two Inquisitors accepted Kallus' suggestion that the Imperial servants work together to capture Phoenix Squadron, which included the crew of the Ghost. The Fifth Brother and Seventh Brother took part in the ground assault and encountered Bridger and Jarrus in their hangar bay. Despite the Sister's best efforts to goad Ezra into attacking them, Kanan prevented the fight from occurring by shutting the blast door; leaving the Inquisitors on the other side. The crew of the Ghost then took advantage of this delay to escape into the atmosphere above Garel.[16]

Pursuing the Jedi

The Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister fighting Ezra and Kanan.

For several months, the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister pursued Kanan and Ezra. The two Inquisitors cornered the two Jedi while they were scouting Oosalon as a potential site for a new rebel base. During the duel, the Fifth Brother threw Ezra down a cliff but the young Jedi managed to cling onto his master. The two Jedi counter-attacked with their lightsabers but were pushed back to the edge of the cliff by the two Inquisitors. Before the Inquisitors could finish off their Jedi opponents, the two Jedi managed to escape on the back of a tibidee before being picked up by Chopper in the Phantom.[17]

Later, the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister visited the Jedi Temple on the planet Lothal. They landed their TIE Advanced v1 starfighters moments after Chopper had departed the scene on the Phantom. While the Brother did not sense the presence of the Jedi and thought they had left, the Sister could still sense that they were hiding in the Temple. Using their Dark Side powers, the two Inquisitors forced their way into the Temple. After forcing the Temple open, the two Inquisitors entered the structure only to be confronted by several spectral Jedi Temple Guards, who were part of a Force vision. The two Inquisitors recognized the leader as having the face of the late Grand Inquisitor, who had once been a Jedi Knight.[17]

While the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister both survived their supernatural encounter, they failed to captured the Jedi. However, they managed to capture the Temple and promptly informed their master Darth Vader, who came to visit the site in person. Imperial reinforcements including stormtroopers and patrol transports also surrounded the Temple. When the Fifth Brother reported that the Jedi were growing in their power, Vader assured him that it would be their "undoing."[17]

Mission to Malachor and death

"The boy has the holocron."
"We cannot allow him to use it."
―The Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother[2]

The Fifth Brother arrives on Malachor.

The Fifth Brother was ordered by Darth Vader to travel to Malachor with the Seventh Sister and obtain a Sith holocron from within a Sith temple located beneath the planet's surface. She and her accomplice came to the aid of the Eighth Brother after he was captured by Jarrus and Tano; all three Inquisitors were forced to retreat when their opponents were joined by Bridger and his new companion, the former Sith Lord Maul. Having escaped her adversaries, the Seventh Sister dispatched some of her ID-9 seeker droids to spy on them.[2]

While the Sister pursued Maul and Ezra, the Fifth Brother went after Ahsoka and Kanan, ambushing them on one of the Temple parapets. Managing to catch them off-guard, he was soon joined by the Eighth Brother and together they engaged the Jedi. The situation soon turned against them when Maul, having slain the Seventh Sister, leapt into the fray and engaged the two Inquisitors on behalf of the Jedi. Taking advantage of the Fifth Brother's distraction in fending off Maul, Ahsoka lunged forwards and struck the hilt of his lightsaber, damaging the weapon and causing him to drop it. Defenseless, the Fifth Brother was swiftly cleaved through the stomach by Maul's lightsaber, ending his life.[2]

Personality and traits

"Be careful, Third Sister. You go too far."
"Maybe you don't go far enough."
―The Fifth Brother the Third Sister[10]

The Fifth Brother had mint eyes and gray skin.

The Fifth Brother was a tall, muscular humanoid male with mint eyes and gray skin. He wore the gray and black uniform of an Inquisitor, wore a metallic headpiece, and carried a double-bladed spinning lightsaber.[3] The Fifth Brother displayed a confident personality, bordering on arrogance, upon arriving at Admiral Konstantine's Star Destroyer, dismissing the admiral and Agent Kallus' "struggles" as being beneath him and vowing to succeed where they had failed.[3] As the next in line to the position of Grand Inquisitor, the Fifth Brother did not like being ordered around by his fellow Inquisitors and would become very aggressive to his perceived lessers.[13] He was also quite bloodthirsty and brutal, eager to hunt and murder any Jedi who had survived the Purge, but did not seem to have much in the way of foresight or strategic sense, focusing purely on the kill in front of him and not considering how they could be used to accomplish a larger objective, causing the Seventh Sister to label him as "short-sighted".[14]

In this capacity he showed no qualms with murdering children or young adults, attempting to murder Ezra Bridger with his lightsaber once he was defenseless and threatening to behead Sabine Wren in order to convince Ezra to summon rebel reinforcements to be captured.[14] Despite his rather poor track record in hunting and battling the rebels, he still maintained a sense of arrogance and entitlement, pulling rank on the Seventh Sister and threatening Admiral Konstantine when they expressed doubt in him.[15] When he encountered the apparent ghost of the former Grand Inquisitor when he was a noble Jedi Knight and Temple Guard, as well as the spirits of several other Temple Guards, the Fifth Brother displayed confusion and fear at this Force apparition.[17]

Powers and abilities

Lightsaber skills

The Fifth Brother's lightsaber.

While not much is known about the lightsaber style used by the being who would become the Fifth Brother during his time as a Jedi, it can be inferred to be of a defensive nature- moving to attack only when their is no other recourse. Following his Induction into the Inquisitorius Fifth Brother's lightsaber fighting style was molded under the tutelage of Darth Vader and the Grand Inquisitor to become one of unrelenting aggression and brute force comprising of heavy slashes and powerful overhead strikes aimed at beheading or bisecting his opponent, he has also shown a proclivity for wide saber sweeps aimed at his adversaries lower body either meant to off balance or hack off their lower legs. Movement wise the Fifth Brother has demonstrated himself to be a very flatfooted fighter, rarely employing acrobatic maneuverings or physical strikes in combat and always maintaining himself rooted to the ground, relying on his immense stature and physical resiliency to tank physical strikes against him. Tactically the Fifth Brother is woefully lacking, never accessing the situation as he fights and always trying to push the offensive, never giving ground to his enemy if he can help it until their defense crumbles; if the first series of strikes doesn't topple his adversary then he simply redoubles his efforts until it does which is not to dissimilar from the fighting style of Sixth Brother. Despite his efforts however he was severely lacking any finesse or agility in contrast to most of his fellow Inquisitors. Though he was able to engage Ahsoka briefly, he was proven to be no match for her and was swiftly knocked out of the fight.[15] He was later able to put up a slightly better fight against her on Malachor, albeit whilst backed up by two other Inquisitors, but was utterly outmatched by the powers of former Sith Lord Maul and was bested and killed.[2]

Force abilities

Despite his lackluster skill with a lightsaber the Fifth Brother did hold considerable power in his command of the Force. He held a superb level of precision and control with his telekinesis where he was able to control the opening and closing mechanisms of a transports automated door to the point of jamming. He was also able to expertly manipulate the detonation mechanism of four thermal detonators to activate and deactivate on his command. His force pushes and shoves are powerful enough to fling his opponent several meters away with relative ease or incapacitate a full grown Lasat warrior with deadly precision. His telekinetic grips where of such high potency that they could cause the target to groan in pain from the immense pressure and his skill in force based physical augmentation enabled him to easily overpower and throw a adult Lasat warrior several meters towards a wall with enough force to shatter portions of it. Where the Fifth Brother truly held an edge over most of his fellow inquisitors was in his ability to sense anomalies in the force, being able to deduce that the cause of the disturbance on the medical station in sector 11 to be the work of his targets rather than the result of scavengers or a malfunction. He was also able to sense the location of Zeb and Sabine as well their intentions with their improvised trap when searching for them onboard the same medical station. When on the hunt for the Jedi Caleb Dume, Ezra Bridger and their friend Garazeb Orrelios following their meddling on his and Seventh Sister's mission on Takobo it was the Fifth Brother who was able to sense the location where Garazeb Orrelios, Ezra Bridger, and Caleb Dume had hidden the force-sensitive child Pypey from Seventh Sister and himself inside of an apartment complex, It was also him who was able to sense Ezra Bridger's plot to escape with the force-sensitive infant using the apartments vent system.[source?]

Behind the scenes

Unused concept art from Star Wars: The Force Awakens that inspired the design for the Fifth Brother

The Fifth Brother was created for the second season of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels. He is voiced by actor Philip Anthony-Rodriguez.[3] The character's design was based on unused artwork from Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.[18] The artwork, depicting a Sith, was drawn by Christian Alzmann and was labeled Villain 03 early in the production of the film.[19]



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