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Clone Commander Fil led a squad of clone troopers on Vassek 3 during the Clone Wars. It took part in a skirmish at Grievous's fortress alongside Jedi Kit Fisto and Nahdar Vebb against Grievous.[1]


The squad was composed of five clone troopers equipped with DC-15A blaster rifles with ascension cables and were led by Clone Commander Fil and Jedi General Nahdar Vebb. They utilized a Nu-class transport for transportation, and sported rusty red color markings on their Phase I clone trooper armor.[1]


After a skirmish on the Galactic Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer Tranquility by Separatist Alliance forces that managed to rescue Viceroy of the Trade Federation Nute Gunray, Jedi General Kit Fisto and his former Padawan, Jedi General Nahdar Vebb, were dispatched to track down Gunray. Meeting on Vassek 3, Fisto and Vebb, along with Clone Commander Fil and his squad moved into a fortress where they believed a homing beacon was. Two troopers remained by the Nu-class transport and Fisto's starfighter.[1]

Fil and his troopers were defeat the battle droids guarding the Viceroy but realized that it was only a hologram. After Dooku offered a "alternative prize" to the jedi, the troopers went deeper into the fortress. They discovered that the fortress belonged to General Grievous.[1]

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