"Filba was an obnoxious, officious, tightfisted fatherless squat who would make his own pouch mother sign a requisition for water if she was dying of thirst."
Zan Yant about Filba[src]

Filba the Hutt was quartermaster for the Galactic Republic forces. He worked on Jabiim and Drongar.

At Jabiim, he was a requisitions officer, but dabbled in the black market. While on Jabiim he encountered the reporter Den Dhur, and nearly killed him, establishing a mutual dislike between the two.

Later during the war, he was the quartermaster at Republic Mobile Surgical Unit 7, and was also in charge of bota export there. He was still as corrupt as ever, however, and carried on a bota-smuggling racket with Admiral Tarnese Bleyd. He encountered Den Dhur again at the Rimsoo, and the Sullustan, always suspicious, found out about his illicit activities, building a substantial case against Filba. The case, however, was unnecessary, as Klo Merit poisoned Filba before he could be reported.

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