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"No, we are here to help the economy of Cularin grow and prosper, and to bring prestige to Caarimon and Filordis by our expanding presence in the galaxy."
―From the office of Metatheran Cartel representative Thurm Loogg[5]

Filordis was a rocky planet located in the Larrin sector of the Inner Rim. It was a harsh world of fierce winds and frequent thunderstorms. The Filordi, the planet's native species of six-limbed sentients, often either left their homeworld for better living conditions elsewhere or attempted to terraform it. The territory of space surrounding Filordis was already explored by 20,000 BBY, and the Filordi became a partner species of the Metatheran Cartel by 33 BBY.


Filordis was a terrestrial world[4] located in the Filordis system, a part of the Larrin sector[1] in the Northern Dependencies portion of[2] the Inner Rim.[1] Filordis orbited a red star[3] and was a rocky wasteland world[4] swept by constant, fierce winds and frequent thunderstorms.[3]


Filordis was home to the sentient Filordi.

The area of space surrounding Filordis was explored by the Galactic Republic at some point between 25,000 BBY and 20,000 BBY, and the world lay in what was considered the civilized galaxy by the time the Great Sith War took place in 3996 BBY. Around that time, a hyperlane connected Filordis to the Nouane and Tirahnn systems; however, that hyperspace route had ceased to exist by the time the Mandalorian Wars were fought twenty years later.[2]

By 33 BBY,[6] the Filordi natives of Filordis were a member species of the Trade Federation. That year, the Filordi secretly met with members of the Caarite species on Filordis. The Caarites invited the Filordi to withdraw from the Trade Federation and instead become partners in a new business venture, the Metatheran Cartel. The Filordi agreed,[7] and two years later,[8] the office of the Cartel representative Thurm Loogg claimed that the business successes of the organization brought prestige to both Filordis and Caarimon,[5] the Caarite homeworld.[7]


Filordis was the homeworld of the Filordi, a six-limbed sentient species that spoke the Filordian language. The harsh nature of their homeworld left a significant impression on the Filordi mindset. Many of the planet's natives were eager to leave their home and venture into the wider galaxy in order to find better places to live. Other Filordi preferred to make what they could of Filordis and began terraforming it in order to make it less hostile.[4] The population of the Filordi system numbered between 1 million to 10 million around 25 ABY.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Filordis was introduced in the Living Force Campaign Guide, a 2001 sourcebook authored by Robert Wiese and Andy Collins for use with the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game.[7] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Filordis system, and therefore the world Filordis, in grid square N-8.[2]


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