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Filvians were sentient quadrupedal ungulates indigenous to the desert planet of Filve, notable for their technical aptitude, their hardiness, and their gregarious nature.

Biology and appearance[]

Filvians were naturally adapted to desert environments, with large humps on their backs used to store water and fat. A series of smaller glands distributed through their bodies served the same purpose, giving them distinctively lumpy bodies, and allowing them to survive for up to thirty standard days with neither food nor water. Despite the adaptations which allowed them to survive in Filve's hot deserts, they preferred to live in cooler regions.[1]

While normally quadrupedal, they could walk on their hind legs (though more slowly than they could on four), and use their nimble three-fingered front feet as hands.[1]

Society and culture[]

H'nib Statermast

Filvians were fascinated by new devices and unfamiliar machinery, and easily picked up new technical skills. From their beginnings as primitive desert dwellers, the Filvian people expanded their scientific and technical knowledge, eventually becoming among the galaxy's foremost computer programmers and technicians. The cities of Filve were also notable examples of advanced Filvian technology: each city was fully enclosed, climate-controlled, and connected with the other cities via transportation networks which made it possible to visit each mega-city without stepping outdoors.[1]

The gregarious nature of the Filvian people led them to build a top-quality spaceport on Filve, where they could interact with members of other species. Their planet became a major center for trade and starship servicing, with branch offices of major corporations such as BlasTech Industries and Sienar. This led to unwanted Imperial attention, however. The Filvians feared the Empire's xenophobic policies, and made every effort to placate them. During their time under Imperial rule, most Filvians longed for the days of the Galactic Republic. In 6 ABY, they threw their support behind the New Republic.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The short story The Farrimmer Cafe incorrectly spelled this species "Flivian". Leland Chee confirmed on the official site forums that this is the same species.[2]



Notes and references[]

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