FimmRess was a male Human Sith of the Sith Empire living during the Cold War. In 3643 BBY he was dispatched to Alderaan, where he served as Bodyguard of the Duke Kendoh Thul of the Empire-allied House of Thul, but his first loyalty always went to the Sith.


When Darth Baras's Sith apprentice approached Kendoh, the Duke nonchalantly gave FimmRess an order to kill them, which FimmRess declined, stating that it was beyond Kendoh's authority to give. Faced with two Sith who weren't hostile to each other, Kendoh changed his attitude and went on to assist Baras' apprentice in their endeavor. FimmRess soon accompanied them to Lady Renata Alde's estate, from which he escorted the captive noble to Kendoh. While the apprentice of Baras was disabling Alderaan power generator, Kendoh used the window of opportunity to assassinate some of his political rivals and when Darth Baras called, even had the gall to blame the killing on his apprentice. When the Sith returned, they demanded Kendoh's blood for trying to accuse them in the eyes of their master. Kendoh tried to appeal to FimmRess, but he refused, stating that Darth Baras' authority superseded that of Kendoh's. So he did not interfere when the Sith Warrior killed the Duke. He then bid farewell to the fellow Sith and departed for Korriban, his assignment to guard the Duke no longer valid.

Personality and traitsEdit

Unlike most Sith who were arrogant and competitive with their peers, FimmRess was respectful towards them. Even though he was posted to protect Duke Kendoh, his true loyalties were to the Sith and would not act against Baras or his Apprentice. He, in fact, despised the Duke and was even willing to kill him if the Sith Warrior asked. Being a Sith, FimmRess also viewed mercy and hesitation as weaknesses and would not hesitate to kill those who showed it.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sith Warrior can alternatively ask FimmRess to kill the Duke for them, to which he will gladly comply. The Warrior can also decide to kill FimmRess in addition to the Duke. If the Sith Warrior shows mercy to the Duke by refusing to have him killed or exiled, FimmRess will call the Warrior weak and attack them.


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