"Lord Krayt no longer wishes our resources to be tied up on Dac. It is time other planets felt the wrath of the Sith. Vul Isen, execute the Final Protocol."
―Darth Wyyrlok[src]

The Final Protocol was an Imperial edict given by Sith Regent Darth Wyyrlok to the Quarren Sith Lord Darth Azard and the Givin scientist Vul Isen. It called for the termination of the genocide on Mon Calamari and the legalization of the use of genocide against undesirables for the Empire. Wyyrlok, no longer desiring to waste Imperial resources on the planet or in long and costly campaigns, issued the Protocol to have Isen poison the oceans of Dac to eliminate every living creature on the planet.

When Azard asked what was to be done with the Quarren, allies of the Sith and the Empire, as well as other neutral species, Wyyrlok answered that the Quarren would be allowed to leave the planet, but without any aid from the Empire.

Isen happily proceeded to launch Viral spores into Dac's oceans. Carried by the currents, the spores spread across the entire planet within a week. Although the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet under Admiral Gar Stazi managed to drive out local Imperial forces and attempt an evacuation, it was already too late for nearly all of Dac's population. With the help of Roan Fel's Empire-in-exile and numerous civilian volunteers, twenty percent of Mon Calamari, Quarren, Whaladons and Moappa were successfully evacuated off-planet and shipped to hidden locations. This was only a small portion of the 27 billion sentients that called Dac home, and discludes the even greater amount of unique creatures and other organisms native to the world presumably made extinct as a result.

Azard and Isen were later sent to attack the Hutt world of Da Soocha where Mon Calamari refugees were said to be hiding. Once again, Isen poisoned the oceans of the world to devastate it.


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