Findal Kett was the head of Kett Shipping, a company that carried ore and nova crystals from the planet Cotellier in the Rseik sector up the Sanrafsix Corridor to Kabal, and then grain and other supplies back to Cotellier.


In 214 BBY, the Bordal Contagion, a deadly plague that filled beings' lungs with fluid and killed them, broke out in the Rseik sector. Findal Kett's company, Kett Shipping, carried shipments of an antidote to the disease from Kabal, but six million doses were ruined when the ships were attacked by the Fujari pirates. After this incident, the Rseikharhl began manufacturing the antidote in their own labs, but they, together with Findal Kett and the Ma'ar Shaddam Weaponsmiths Guild, negotiated their entries into the Trade Federation, who aided them against the Fujari. By the time Findal's great-great-great grandson, Firmus Kett, led Kett Shipping, the Trade Federation had restored order to the Rseik and Tamarin sectors, but controlled Kett Shipping's trade of ore and crystals, as well as spice.[1]


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