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"That this latest crisis should revolve around the Nebula Front is especially ironic, since Valorum's father had an opportunity to eradicate the group, and he failed, chastising them rather than disbanding them."
―Palpatine, speaking of the Dorvala Incident[1]

A male member of House Valorum worked as a politician. He supported a number of artistic works such as the opera The Brief Reign of Future Wraiths, and he failed in an opportunity to destroy the Nebula Front terrorist group. The politician had a son named Finis Valorum, who followed his father's career and became Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.


Finis Valorum followed his father in a political career.

A male member of the influential Valorum dynasty worked as a politician. At one point in his career, he dealt with a terrorist organization called the Nebula Front and had an opportunity to destroy the group. Instead, he only chastised them, and they continued to function throughout the galaxy.[1] The politician had a partner, and together they underwrote a number of major artistic works, including an opera titled The Brief Reign of Future Wraiths. On the planet Coruscant, the two had a Human son named Finis Valorum.[2]

The young Valorum was presumed by observers to follow in his father's political career, and as such his election as senator[2] of the Lytton sector[3] was unsurprising and was aided by familial and political connections. Valorum later became Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.[2] During his second term[4] in 32 BBY,[5] Valorum faced crisis in the fallout of the Dorvalla Incident, an attack perpetrated by the Nebula Front. Shortly afterward, he attended a performance of The Brief Reign of Future Wraiths at the Coruscant Opera, considered a fitting touch given his parents' patronage of it. Before the performance began, Senator Palpatine discussed the Dorvala Incident with several other senators, believing it ironic that Valorum was affected by an event caused by the inaction of his father.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Finis Valorum's father served as a politician, and his connections allowed his son to rise to senatorial office. When dealing with the Nebula Front, he chose to chastise them rather than eliminate them.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Finis Valorum's father was first mentioned in Cloak of Deception, a 2001 novel by James Luceno.[1]



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