This Star Wars Legends article contains information, notably from "Republic HoloNet News Core Edition 15:01:13", that is affected by the Star Wars: The Clone Wars project.

A definitive Legends Clone Wars timeline, as well as the continuity of "Republic HoloNet News Core Edition 15:01:13", was never established by Lucasfilm.

"In the days following the tragic and cowardly attack that claimed the life of this man, the news of our loss was overshadowed by the security policies it spawned. But Finis Valorum would never have backed such extreme reactionary measures and would have seen them as affronts to the freedoms he held dear."
―A dedication to Finis Valorum read at the opening of the memorial by Senator Bail Organa[src]

The Finis Valorum Memorial was a statue made of marcluro-stone that was built in the Jrade District on the planet Coruscant in 21 BBY. It honored the memory of former Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, who had been killed in a terrorist attack prior. The unveiling of the memorial was attended by an audience of 200 spectators, a low number caused by high security in the Jrade District. Senator Bail Organa read a dedication to Valorum at the unveiling.


"The Jrade Plaza surrounding the newly commissioned marcluro-stone statue has in the past held tens of thousands of spectators, but today's sparse gathering was dominated instead by the presence of clone troopers and Senate Guard security."
―A HoloNet News report on the opening of the Finis Valorum Memorial[src]

The Finis Valorum Memorial was a marcluro-stone statue built in the Jrade Plaza Chancellery Walkway in the Jrade District[2] on the planet[3] Coruscant in honor of former Galactic Republic Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum.[2]


"Of course there should be more people here to pay their respects and remember former Supreme Chancellor Valorum today, but I imagine the nonstop Beta-level security alerts and endless clone patrols are keeping people indoors."
―Senator Mon Mothma, speaking to HoloNet News[src]

Finis Valorum, whom the memorial honored

In 21 BBY,[1] following Valorum's death in the terrorist attack of 14:9:19, the memorial was planned and approved immediately but was repeatedly delayed for several weeks while the Jrade Plaza was shut down for security investigations in relation to the heightened Core Worlds Security Act. The Finis Valorum Memorial was unveiled on 15:01:13 to a small crowd of 200 spectators—including Senators Bail Organa and Mon Mothma—which was dominated by clone troopers and Senate Guards.[2]

Organa read a dedication to Valorum, in which he claimed that the former chancellor would not have supported the new security measures that had been introduced in response to the terrorist attack. In a HoloNet News Core Edition article published later that day, Mothma stated that more people should have attended and paid their respects, but they were likely kept inside by constant clone patrols and Beta-level security alerts. The Director of Communications for the Jrade District, Dassa Borkannits, attributed public trauma at the attack to the memorial's low attendance.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Finis Valorum Memorial was first mentioned in "Republic HoloNet News Core Edition 15:01:13," an in-universe HoloNet News report written by Pablo Hidalgo and published in the seventy-third issue of the Star Wars Insider magazine[2] on December 26, 2003.[4] "The Lost One," an episode of the sixth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars[5] that first aired on March 1, 2014,[6] portrayed Valorum as alive[5] in 20 BBY,[7] thus contradicting his previously established death in[2] 21 BBY and leaving the canonicity of the Finis Valorum Memorial within the Star Wars Legends continuity uncertain.[1]



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