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"Take me with you. I want to learn. I can learn."
"I have no use for a slave. And I already have an apprentice."
―Marka and Finn[1]

Finn was a Human male Sith Master who operated as a terrorist during the final years of the New Sith Wars. During his tenure as Sith, he trained a young man as his apprentice. Finn and his pupil traveled to a planet and planted a bomb in a building. After concluding business with an individual, they destroyed the building and proceeded to the landing pad where Finn's starship was located. When Finn's apprentice killed the Toydarian slave owner Lod in order to free the female Marka, Finn rebuked the young man. The pupil informed Finn that Marka was Force-sensitive, but the Sith Master—who was already aware of this—ordered his pupil to deal with her. As he boarded his ship, the apprentice and Marka arrived at the landing bay, and she begged Finn to take her so that she could learn the Sith ways. Finn replied that he already had an apprentice, and Marka killed the young man in order to take his role as Finn's pupil. Finn accepted her, demanding absolute loyalty from the young woman.


"She's still following us, Master."
"I know. Perhaps she is why we came to this dreadful place. There is no such thing as coincidence."
"I must deal with her."
"Yes. Deal with her."
―The male Sith apprentice and Finn, regarding Marka[1]

Finn rebukes his Sith apprentice.

Finn, a Human male,[1] was a Sith Master who operated as a terrorist during the final years of the New Sith Wars.[2] He took a young man as his Sith apprentice, training him in the ways of the dark side. Finn and his apprentice eventually traveled to a world and planted a bomb in a building. After concluding business with an individual, Finn and his pupil departed and detonated the bomb, which destroyed the building. As Finn and his apprentice made their way to their starship, they encountered the Toydarian slave master Lod and his slave, a young woman named Marka. When Lod ordered the woman to impress Finn and his apprentice, she refused, and he struck her. Finn's apprentice helped her from the ground and told Lod that he would not strike Marka again. When Lod called the apprentice a slave while talking to Finn, the man killed the Toydarian. Finn expressed his disappointment to the apprentice; he rebuked him for helping Marka and punched him, knocking the young man to the ground. Finn then continued to the ship.[1]

After Marka helped the apprentice off the ground, he rushed to Finn and tried to tell the Sith Master that Marka had used a mind trick on him. Finn—having already recognized that Marka was sensitive to the Force—reasoned that perhaps she was why they had come to the planet, and ordered his pupil to deal with her. As Finn reached the landing pad where his ship was docked, the apprentice and Marka caught up to him via the same turbolift. Marka pleaded with Finn, reasoning that she could learn the Sith ways. He refused, stating that he had no use for a slave and that he already had an apprentice. In response, Marka seized the apprentice's lightsaber and shoved him off the building's docking pad, where he fell to his death. Finn then took Marka as his new apprentice.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Empathy is a Jedi trait. Empathy leads to understanding. Understanding leads to compassion. Compassion leads to love. There is no place for love for a Sith. Only hate."
―Finn rebukes his male Sith apprentice[1]

Marka killed Finn's Sith apprentice and took his place.

Finn would rebuke his male Sith apprentice for displaying traits characteristic of Jedi, such as empathy. He also physically disciplined his apprentice when he felt that the man did something that was contrary to the Sith ways. During his time on the planet where he encountered Marka, Finn felt that the world was a god-forsaken rock. When he realized that Marka was Force-sensitive, he mused that she was the only reason that he and his apprentice came to the planet. After Marka became Finn's Sith apprentice,[1] the Sith Master demanded absolute loyalty from her.[2]

Finn wore a set of black Sith robes, and had two tattoos under each eye. He had a scar on the left side of his face.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

"Master…that girl…she…uh…I mean…"
"She tried a Force mind trick on you? Did you not sense it when they approached? The Force is powerful with her."
―The male Sith apprentice and Finn[1]

Finn was strong enough to reach the rank of Sith Master.[2] He was able to sense that Marka was strong with the Force when she and her slave master Lod approached him and his apprentice.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Finn first appeared in the short comic "The Apprentice", which featured in Star Wars Tales 17 and was written by Mike Denning. In the comic, he was drawn by David Nakayama. The story was later compiled into a trade paperback version and republished in Star Wars Tales Volume 5. Plausible stories in Star Wars Tales 120 were initially viewed as S-canon, unless and until referenced in a non-Tales source, at which point the subject matter was elevated to C-canon status.[3] Finn later received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia,[2] which elevated the character's appearance in The Apprentice to C-canon.


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