"This is your mom. Her name was Fiona, and she was my favorite human in the whole galaxy, until you came along. She was clever and kind. She understood how machines worked better than the people who designed them, and she could fix them faster than anyone I've ever met. I loved her as much as she loved you, and she loved you more than anything."
―Ryland to Laina[src]

Fiona was a human female who worked at an underground mining colony on an airless moon in the Outer Rim Territories. She was married to Ryland, and they had a daughter named Laina. When her daughter was six months old, Fiona was framed by a coworker, Corbin, for being a rebel spy, and killed. After her death, her husband and daughter were spirited to safety by relatives. Two years after Fiona's death, her husband had a hologram of her that he kept for their daughter.[1]

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