Fionah Ti was a female Human, the daughter of the two Jedi assigned to Zonama Sekot at some point before the Sith–Imperial War. Born without Force-sensitivity, she was nevertheless taught fighting skills by both Jedi and the Yuuzhan Vong, who also taught her basic Shaper skills. When the Sith-Imperial War commenced, Zonama Sekot fled into hyperspace. Accordingly, it was a while before its inhabitants re-established contact with the rest of the galaxy. After learning about the Massacre at Ossus, Ti and several others traveled to Wayland to uncover proof that the Ossus Project was sabotaged. There, she discovered that someone had created terrible mutations from the vongspawned creatures there and also discovered a way to bring some of them back to their normal form. In 137 ABY, she met Jariah Syn and saved him from the local wildlife. When awakened, Syn tried to attack Ti before she could explain her presence on the planet and tell Syn where his friends had been taken.


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