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This article is about a droid. You may be looking for the beasts used by the Yuuzhan Vong called "Fire Breather".
"You'll need my guidance to avoid the Fire-breathers"

The Fire-breather was a class of droid seen on the junk planet of Lotho Minor. Equipped with powerful jaws and an incinerator in their gut, these droids burned the junk dropped off by the salvage ships. By the time of the Clone Wars, no one remembered the origin of these droids that stood 34.35 meters tall.


This massive droid dwarfed most other droids during the Clone Wars. It had four massive, pillar like legs that connected to its body. The two front legs were considerably thin for its bulky body, and had two joints. The first joint connected the upper arm to the lower arm, both which were made of thick sheets of metal, and allowed vertical movement of the lower arm. The second was a wrist like joint, which allowed the Fire-breather to twist its upper feet in different directions. The upper feet consisted of three large metal fingers, which could also be flexed around.

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