"Fire creepers! They are coming! They are small but dangerous creatures. They will eat and destroy all things in their path, and can kill anything they find."
Builder With Vines[src]

Fire creepers were carnivorous cave-dwelling insects of the planet Nirauan. They migrated through their caves in massive swarms. They would devour anything living, including the Qom Qae and Qom Jha, which were their basic food source. When Builder With Vines and several other Qom Jha led Mara Jade, Luke Skywalker and their Qom Qae traveling companion, Child Of Winds, into an Imperial base, they were attacked by fire creepers. Mara, Luke and Child Of Winds were not harmed, but the fire creepers killed Builder With Vines, who had been swooping over the swarm and scooping up many of the insects in his mouth with each pass. He was eating the fire creepers to show off for Child Of Winds. But Builder With Vines got too close to the swarm on one pass; he was snared, pulled the cavern floor, and eaten alive.

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