The Fireball Expansion Pack is an expansion to the tactical ship-to-ship combat game Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition to be released by Fantasy Flight Games in the fourth quarter of 2019. It is a Resistance expansion to the Sixth Wave of the Core Set for the game. The set includes a detailed model of Team Fireball's Fireball racer.

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Publisher's summary[]

A labor of love to the crew of Jarek Yeager's garage, the Fireball is a highly combustible, scratch-built racing ship. Flown by undercover Resistance operative Kazuda Xiono, this explosion with wings is able to push the limit around the course before living up to its name. Lightly armed but lightning fast, the Fireball can careen around the battlefield, gaining superior position on almost any enemy.

The Fireball Expansion Pack contains everything you need to add one of these swift ships to your Resistance squadrons, including one Fireball miniature, four ship cards, and seven upgrade cards. Additionally, two Quick Build cards help you easily combine pilots and upgrades and get your Fireball to the start line as quickly as possible.





  • Jarek Yeager
  • Kazuda Xiono
  • R1-J5
  • Colossus Station Mechanic


By type
Cast Crew Uncredited


  • Expansion Design & Development – Brooks Flugaur-Leavitt
  • Producer – Gavid Duffy
  • Editing – David Hansen
  • Proofreading – Autumn Collier, Allan Kennedy
  • Miniatures Game Manager – John Shaffer
  • Expansion Graphic Design – Shaun Boyke
  • Graphic Design Manager – Christopher Hosch
  • Interior Art – Anthony Devine, Michele Giorgi, Steve Hamilton, Peter Holmes, Lukasz Jaskolski, Robert Laskey, Mark Molnar, Nicholas Stohlman, Darren Tan
  • Art Direction – Preston Stone
  • Managing Art Director – Tony Bradt
  • Sculpting – Bexley Andrajack
  • Quality Assurance – Andrew Janeba, Zach Tewalthomas
  • Licensing Coordinators – Sherry Anisi, Zach Holmes
  • Licensing Manager – Simone Elliott
  • Production Management – Justin Anger, Jason Glawe
  • Visual Creative Director – Brian Schomburg
  • Senior Project Manager – John Franz-Wichlacz
  • Senior Manager of Product Development – Chris Gerber
  • Executive Game Designer – Corey Konieczka
  • Head of Studio – Adrew Navaro
  • Lucasfilm Limited Licensing Approvals – Brian Merten
  • Playtesters – Justing Baumgartner, Jens van den Berg, Niek Bergans, Frans Bonger, Filippo Bosi, Annaliese Milne Bosi, Arkadiusz Cala, Evan Cameron, Gregory Chandler Burns, Andy Davis, Christopher DiSarro, Peta Dyken, Konradd Fuczkiewicz, Chris Graff, Pieter Gybels, Iain Hamp, Justin Hoeger, Friso Holtkamp, Kyle Hutchiinson, Jesse Jirousek, Michal Kolasińki, Piotr Kucharski, Adam Landon, Jimmy Leurs, Daniel Mahony, Zack Mathews, John McCullough, Michel Melis, Robin Melis, Gabriel Miller, Alex Mogensen, Tony Mohr, Devon Monkhouse, Grover Murphy, Cam Murray, Aaron P., Willem Peeters, Angelic Phelps, Joe Phelps, Evan Pomerantz, Timothy Ralphs, Zach Reynolds, David Runyon, Alec Saunders, Ken Saunders, Stephen Sherwood, Jakub Siedlecki, Wojciech Szafalowicz, Jesse Tonkay, Jeremy Trad, James Trad, Steve Van Weereld, Joep Vossen

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