Fireblue Squadron was an I4 Ionizer starfighter squadron in the service of the Galactic Alliance's Core Fleet. An elite unit, Fireblue Squadron was created to complete missions that focused on subduing and capturing enemy vessels.

Formed after the Alliance defeat at the end of the Sith–Imperial War, Fireblue Squadron was frequently tasked with disabling large freighters, capturing high-value targets, and subduing civilian ships during the ensuing Imperial Civil War.


Fireblue Squadron was an elite starfighter squadron that served the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet during the Second Imperial Civil War, which began in 130 ABY. Alliance Admiral Gar Stazi ordered the creation of the squadron after the end of the Sith–Imperial War, which saw the Alliance defeated by the Sith-allied Galactic Empire. The squadron was formed specifically to carry out missions to subdue and capture enemy starships. To complete their missions, Fireblue Squadron flew I4 Ionizer starfighters, and the unit took its name from the intense blue-colored ion energy of the fighter's primary weapon.[1]

During the civil war, the squadron was regularly tasked with disabling large freighters, allowing the Alliance to capture the ship and take its cargo. Fireblue Squadron was also deployed to capture high-value targets, as well as against civilian vessels that the Alliance did not want to destroy, but needed to disable.[1]

An I4 Ionizer starfighter


To meet the squadron's main mission profile to seize and immobilize enemy ships, Fireblue Squadron utilized I4 Ionizer starfighters. The fighter carried a single pilot with an astromech droid and was armed with multiple ion cannons, a pair of wing mounted disruptor torpedoes, and underpowered laser cannons. Defensively, it was well armored, but only carried light shielding due to interference caused by the fighter's extensive ion weaponry. The hyperspace-capable craft were the best small fighters of the time when it came to disabling ships while leaving their target's superstructure undamaged. A squadron of I4 Ionizers, such as Fireblue Squadron, was capable of immobilizing a small freighter in a single pass and larger ships with multiple attacks.[1]

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Fireblue Squadron was first mentioned in the 2009 Wizards of the Coast roleplaying game sourcebook the Legacy Era Campaign Guide.[1]


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