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The Firefight on Bogden's moons was a skirmish between Boba Fett and a fake security trooper.


The skirmish began when the Honest Gjon and Aia provoked the young Boba Fett into helping steal counterfeit money. The money itself was being transported between Bogg 2 and Bogg 9, the plan was to catch the balloon carrying the money, with Boba as the pilot of the thieves' craft.

The skirmishEdit

The plan was a success at first, with two balloons captured; however, the third balloon was guarded by a security trooper (who was as fake as the money) who attempted to stop the thieves. The trooper went inside the thieves' ship and attempted to control the crew; however, Boba dazed the trooper by igniting the ship's engines, and the trooper was then shoved out of the ship by the crew.


As it turned out, the trooper had really been a hijacker.

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