This firefight on Coruscant was a skirmish between Aurra Sing and two other bounty hunters.


The origins of the fight began with Boba Fett coming to Coruscant, where he believed he would be able to contact Count Dooku. Fett entered a bar owned by Nan Mercador. Upon entering the bar, he was told that he should leave, as the bar was no place for children. Boba responded, that he was looking for Dooku, and was allowed to stay.

The firefightEdit

After receiving a free drink, Boba allowed himself to relax, believing his mission a success. However, two bounty hunters—a Diollan and a Rodian—set upon him. Fett, however, tricked both of them, giving himself a chance to escape. Aurra Sing appeared before he could escape. She quickly stunned Nan and took Boba Fett to Dooku, who awarded Sing with Boba's ship, the Slave I.


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