Firefist was the indigenous name for the second nearest of the seven satellite dwarf galaxies that was considered a part of the Unknown Regions orbiting the main galactic disc. It was known as Companion Besh within the Galactic Republic. Firefist was located some 150,000 light-years from the main galaxy. In general it was considered unexplored, save by some probots.[1]

Firefist held the homeworlds of the Faruun, Maccabree, Nagai and Tof.[1]

It was seen on a stellar map accessed by Obi-Wan Kenobi in 22 BBY at the Jedi Archives.[2]

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The second satellite galaxy appears in Attack of the Clones, but was not given a formal name until the publication of The Essential Atlas, and then a colloquial name in The Unknown Regions.

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