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"Help me recover my Firespray gunship."
―Boba Fett, to Fennec Shand[6]

The Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft,[1] also known simply as a Firespray-class interceptor[7] or Firespray gunship,[6] was a patrol ship manufactured by Kuat Systems Engineering.[1] Firesprays were used to guard and patrol the prison moon Oovo 4,[7] while bounty hunters Jango Fett and Boba Fett, throughout their careers, piloted a customized Firespray named Slave I,[1] which Jango had stolen from Oovo IV.[7] Another bounty hunter,[8] Koshka Frost, also flew her own Firespray-31.[9] Amid a stalemate during the Outer Rim Sieges of the Clone Wars, a Firespray-31 was flown by a pro-Confederacy of Independent Systems racketeer.[10]

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