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Firestorm is a short story written by Kevin J. Anderson with illustrations by Doug Shuler. It was originally published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 15 by West End Games on November 1, 1997. The story takes place in between Jedi Search and Dark Apprentice, and features Tionne and Luke Skywalker.

Plot summary[]

With the Empire in shambles, Tionne could finally fulfill her dream of studying the history and lore of the Jedi of old. She traveled to Ossus, although the world was still radioactive, even four millennia after a series of decimating supernovae. She recovered a small statue before leaving the world's poisoned surface.

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker arrived on Yavin 4, along with his new Jedi trainees Streen and Gantoris. They set about the menial task of reclaiming a Massassi temple from the jungle, in order to convert it into the future Jedi Praxeum.

Tionne traveled the galaxy, performing musical ballads about the history of the Jedi in small cantinas. One day, an individual named Fonterrat sold her a piece of Jedi-related information - the location of the lost ancient space station, Exis Station, which was currently in a decaying orbit around the dangerous flaring star Teedio. Tionee was only able to pay Fonterrat a small sum for this information, but implored the smuggler to contact Luke Skywalker, as she was sure that he could pay a much greater reward.

While delivering supplies to Luke on Yavin 4, Han Solo told Luke that a fellow smuggler, Fonterrat, had passed along information about Exis Station. Luke told Han that he intended to visit the station, and used the holocron of Bodo Baas to learn more about it.

Tionne successfully flew her starship, the Lore Seeker, to Exis Station. Independently, Luke flew his X-Wing to the station, although he had more trouble avoiding the sun's solar storms.

On board, Tionne discovered several valuable crystalline memory plaques, containing ancient Jedi knowledge. Before long, though, the station began to seriously deteriorate, and Tionne encountered Luke. Along with R2-D2, Tionne and Luke managed to navigate numerous dangers inside the crumbling station, and eventually escape.

Luke invited Tionne back to Yavin 4 so that she could share with him all of the valuable Jedi history that she had managed to accumulate. On the journey, he tested her ability with the Force, and found her to be a potential Jedi.


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