Firith Olan was a male Twi'lek who lived during the time of the Galactic Civil War. It was rumored that he possessed knowledge of the location of Jabba the Hutt's secret weapons cache, located somewhere in the Tatooine desert.

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Firith Olan with the disembodied Bib Fortuna.

The black-sheep son of a wealthy family from Ryloth, Olan was a minor crimelord who believed that, following Jabba the Hutt's death, he could step in and take control of the Hutt's criminal empire. He had somehow managed to gain control of the brain walker that contained Bib Fortuna's brain, and took great pleasure in the fact that Fortuna still retained useful information about Jabba.

In order to obtain the weapons cache, he had to put Huff Darklighter out of business, because Darklighter had learned of its existence. In the midst of this power struggle, Rogue Squadron was sent to discover if the cache existed. Imperial forces were also sent in to retrieve the cache, stored at the so-called Eidolon Base.

Olan was captured by Captain Marl Semtin and returned to Ryloth, in an attempt to draw off the Republic's forces. Semtin later freed him as a way to gain the confidence of the Twi'leki head clans, but caught him again at Eidolon Base. Semtin stabbed Olan before escaping, and Bib Fortuna's brain walker took advantage of the situation. Fortuna had been trailing Olan, waiting for just such an opportunity to exact revenge. Fortuna dragged Olan's body to the B'omarr Monks and had them swap brains.

Olan was forced to spend the rest of his conscious existence in the brain walker, while Fortuna used his body to try and rebuild Jabba's empire. To this end, he started a relationship with Shiri'ani, the owner and operator of the Lucky Star hotel and casino, and a protégé of Lady Valarian.

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