The Firrerreo, also referred to as Firrerreons, were Near-Human natives of the planet Firrerre.

Biology and appearance[]

Resembling Humans, Firrerreo had highly developed canine teeth, two-tone hair, and nictitating membranes protecting eyes that were able to see into the ultraviolet range of the spectrum. These membranes also protected the eyes from intense flashes of light, as well as flying debris.[1]

They also had tremendous ability to heal quickly, able to survive even a direct blaster shot if the damage didn't harm anything vital to the heart or brain. Most minor wounds took minutes to heal, while major ones took mere hours - with their healing factor being rapid enough that the naked eye could watch a wound close.[2] Their ability to heal was great enough that Rillao, a female Firrerreo, was able to completely stave off infection and blood loss from constantly open wounds inflicted by Hethrir's Torture web.[2] Firrerreo also possessed a deceptive strength, with even a weak and starved Firrerreo capable of surprising force.[2]

Firrerreo had gold-colored skin, which would turn silver when angry or frightened, and when wounded would scar over silver.[2] Firrerreo physiology, while similar to human physiology, was filled with enough tiny minute differences that it would baffle a Medisensor if it wasn't programmed for the species.[2] Firrerreo metabolism also required high amounts of protein, and as a result, Firrerreo would often pick the meat out of their food before eating the rest of their meal.[2] Firrerreo were prone to animal like behaviors, from deep growls in the throat, baring of the teeth, snarls, and animal like keening in grief.[2] Their ears also heard well into the upper spectrum.[2] Their features were often described as wild and feral, and these qualities combined with their more wild tendencies led many races to consider them dangerous, but beautiful.[2]

Society and culture[]

"I do not care to tell you my name. But her name is Rillao."
"Please help me free her."
"She's not my clan. I owe her nothing. I owe you nothing."
"If I pay you, will you owe me?"
"I have no use for money here."
"What will it lose you, to help me?"
―A Firrerreo and Leia Organa discussing Rillao[src]

Firrerreo were self-sufficient and independent to a fault, preferring to stay in Suspended animation aboard Hethrir's Colony ships than ask for help.[2] Firrerreo were also incredibly race-centric, caring for their own race to the exclusion of all others.[2] Their society was organized in clans, and members of one clan would care little for the well being of non-clan-members.[2] Firrerreo believed that one could 'own' another's name, and therefore would almost never give out their name to another, unless it was their mate or close friend - "Firrerreo" was used as common pseudonym in conversation. Speaking another's name was considered a form of power over that individual, and so they would do so at any chance they had.[2] Firrerreo did not participate in slavery.[2] The phrase "May you be shielded from the wind" was a parting phrase said by Firrerreo.[2]


Hethrir, example of Firrereo male.

During the height of the Galactic Empire, two Force-sensitive Firrerreos, Hethrir and his mate Rillao, became students of the Sith Lord Darth Vader. To reward his service to the Empire, Hethrir was awarded the title of Procurator of Justice. His actions while holding that post included condemning "treasonous" member worlds by interning their inhabitants in suspended animation onboard sublight "passenger freighters" and sending them off to colonize distant worlds beyond the rim of the galaxy for Imperial purposes.

In an attempt to prove his loyalty towards the humanocentric Imperial leadership, he committed his most cruel and atrocious action by condemning his own homeworld and most of his people to death. Sometime before the Battle of Yavin, thousands of adult Firrerreos were abducted and taken onboard passenger freighters while millions more were left behind on Firrerre. Aboard the departing ships, these Firrerreos were forced to watch helplessly as Galactic Emperor Palpatine's elite Starcrash Brigade released a lethal strain of hive virus which wiped out all forms of life on the planet over a period of a few days including most of the Firrereo species. This plague would eat its way through the bodies of its victims while they were alive. To prevent the plague from spreading offworld, the planet was quarantined by the Empire.

The remaining few thousand Firrereos were kept in suspended animation onboard these passenger freighters which would travel across the depths of space at sublight speeds to colonize new worlds beyond the rim of the Galaxy for Imperial purposes. Hethrir believed that both he and the Empire would last a thousand years. After a thousand years, Hethrir planned to return to those freighters and awake their prisoners from their sleep, in the hopes that they would remember him as an all-powerful god whom they had to obey.

Rillao, a female Firrerreo

With the defeat of the Galactic Empire at the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Hethrir lost his position as Procurator of Justice due to the deterioration of Imperial power. He then tracked down all the passenger freighters he had dispatched into deep space. After having them towed to a classified location, Hethrir would visit these freighters from time to time to select captive children to sell into slavery or indoctrinate into servants of his Empire Reborn.

Disgusted by her husband's actions, Rillao spirited herself and her unborn child, Tigris, away to a remote world. Unfortunately, he eventually caught up with her and incarcerated her in a torture web onboard one of his freighters. Hethrir took Tigris away in order to make him the heir of his Empire Reborn. Earlier, Darth Vader had high hopes for turning him to the dark side. Unfortunately, the boy possessed no Force powers and was relegated to a lowly servant.

In 14 ABY, New Republic Chief of State Leia Organa Solo discovered Hethrir's freighters and their "living cargo" while searching for her three kidnapped children who had been abducted during a meeting on Munto Codru. Boarding the nearest freighter, she quickly discovered that all the prisoners were of Firrerreo descent. She managed to free Rillao from her years of torment and the pair departed the freighter onboard her personal yacht Alderaan. In the process, they also freed another Firrerreo who refused to leave even though the freighter would take decades to reach another world at sublight speed because he would not abandon his people. This ship would set out for its original destination, fate unknown.

With the defeat of the Empire Reborn, the slaves were freed from their passenger ships. Other Firrerreos settled on Belderone and Kinooine, although the Belderone colony and the baseline Human inhabitants were turned against each other through the manipulations of the Yuuzhan Vong, weakening both people's defenses so that the Yuuzhan Vong were able to conquer the world, practically wiping out the Firrerreo remnant of that world. By the time of the Second Galactic Civil War, the Firrerreos were rarer than ever.



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