First-Wavers was the posthumous name given to the first generation of settlers of Bartyn's Landing. The First-Waver endured slave-like working conditions under Hugo Bartyn but survived and eventually thrived, getting a better life for their descendants. For this, they were almost-religiously revered in Lamaredd.


Around five hundred years before the Battle of Naboo, Hugo Bartyn, an agent of the Outer Rim Oreworks corporation, claimed the planet Lamaredd for mining purposes in the name of ORO and became the Administrator of the fully automated mines. Having ambitions of his own, Bartyn built the framework of a coastal town, later known as Bartyn's Landing, using a three-kilometer Hoersch-Kessel LH-3010 capital freighter. Bartyn intended to become rich by exporting the local seafood behind ORO's back.

Although Bartyn provided his droids with software about fishing and fish processing, he still needed an organic forcework of fishermen and plant operators to provide him with the catch. His agents used empty promises to recruit people from amphibious sentient species from the worlds of Champala, Dac, Iskalon and Naboo. Bartyn destroyed the identification of these immigrants and the Chagrians, Iskalonians, Gungans, Mon Calamari and Quarrens were informed that they were "indentured servants" or slaves to Bartyn, working for Bartyn Gourmet Delicacies.

Most of the Iskalonians refused to cooperate. Hugo Bartyn then left the rebellious aliens in wooden rafts in the open seas, assuming that either the weather or the giant predators would take care of them.

The remaining settlers inhabited in the outer area of Bartyn's Landing, known as The Ring, enduring the harsh conditions imposed by Bartyn: Scarce food, hard work, crowded living areas and little chance of improvement. Many aliens were unused to live in a multi-cultural environment and inter-species violence became the most common cause of death. Eventually, c. 517 BBY, one of these aliens, Sirrik Olyeg, created the Sailor's Union and negotiated with Bartyn so that some of their conditions would change. Bartyn's daughter and successor, Tria Bartyn, released all the aliens from their servitude.

The descendants of these aliens would refer to the original settlers as the "First-Wavers", and revered them as martyrs with almost religious fervor.

A few years before the Battle of Naboo, agents of the Jedi Council were sent to Lamaredd to discover the origins of its mixed alien population. Only then did outsiders discover the tragedy of the First Wavers.


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