The First Alsakan Conflict was a military conflict between Coruscant and Alsakan that lasted from 17,018 BBY to 16,700 BBY.


During the Great Manifest Period, the planets Alsakan and Coruscant openly competed for worlds in the Expansion Region of the Slice for colonization and natural resources. This rivalry grew throughout the era and was fueled, as well, by the politicking of the Galactic Senate and other officials.[2]

The conflict[]

Around 17,000 BBY, Alsakan led the worlds of the Perlemian Trade Route in an attempt to block the Grand Companies—the major trading companies along the Core stretch of the Corellian Run and Metellos Trade Route—by moving south and claiming resource-rich systems. Alsakan was backed by a number of noble families in the Core Worlds that had holdings in the Expansion Region, such as House Juoni of Kaikielius.[3] The Grand Companies objected to this move, and Duros freighters began clashing with Alsakani warships.[1]

The Republic backed the Duros merchants, sparking a war between the two factions when they attacked Virujansi in 17,018 BBY. Six years later, Alsakan forces liberated the planet. Corellia would remain neutral by protecting its interests in the Rim. Notable battles during the conflict included the Battle of Kes in 16,921 BBY, the First Siege of Porus Vida in 16,820 BBY, and the Siege of Belasco, which began in 16,800 BBY.[1]

The First Alsakan Conflict would be ended by the Bureau of Ships and Services in 16,700 BBY, which threatened to withhold access to the system of hyperspace beacons. Hostilities would resume 500 years later in 16,200 BBY.[1]


The conflict was the first of seventeen between the two worlds,[4] mostly fought in the Expansion Region. The final attempt by Alsakan occurred in 3017 BBY.[2] With the exception of the sixth and seventh, the fourteen conflicts that would follow keep to the same pattern: Alsakan would come into conflict with the Republic, while Corellia attempted to remain neutral.[1]

House Juoni's Expansion Region territories were utterly destroyed by orbital bombardments during the conflict and the House's heads were imprisoned in the Centax-1 Maximum Correctional prison. The few survivors of the Juonii rapidly lost all their power, leaving Kaikielius to the control of the rival Houses Praji and Vahali.[3]



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